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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Sam


    This weekend was up there as the best out of the 3 I’ve been to, for me. Big love to bestie @Kyle. for helping me making it extra fucking GAAAAY. ❤️
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  2. This was my fifth time and the best of all I'd say. Took it at a really good pace, saw some great acts and had the gayest of times in the evening. It was worth the wait and every act I saw really brought their A-game. It was so nice to have a real celebration of music and joy after such a difficult few years.

    P.s. love to @Sam
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  3. Out of the 7 I’ve been to, I’d say this fits comfortably in the middle. Kendrick, Jessie and Sugababes were all incredible. But the extra 50k tickets that they sold really did make it uncomfortable and bordering on dangerous at points. South East Corner was a nightmare on Saturday. TLC and also McFly/Sugababes. Although I think this could be improved with better staging decision and more competitive clashes to split the crowds.
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  4. This explains a lot! Two of the three days we walked in from the campervan field we were held up for 30-40 mins, although it gave me the most 'Glasto' moment when a steward asked us to bunch up, one guy cut the line and everyone started booing him in a very polite British way.

    Friday was so clash-heavy we compromised away so much. I didn't get to see Sugababes and filibustered for Heaton & Abbott, but was overruled and we ended up seeing Billie instead, but at least she was good.
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  5. I’ve not been for full weekend since late 00’s - I worry now I’d find it crowded!
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  6. I'm still not fully recovered. My feet are so sore. Also, I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to, but that is to be expected at Glastonbury. I agree about there being way too MANY clashes, which was annoying and yes, at times it definitely felt overcrowded, but overall I still left feeling emotional about it ending.

    Another thing, which makes Glastonbury so special... after watching Jessie Ware headline The Park Stage, we ran to the SE Corner and wanted to get moustaches for re-entry into NYC Downlow before Shygirl was on at 2.30am at the stage opposite. Somehow we got into NYC Downlow and then we were making our way out when we bumped into Jessie herself. We told her how much we loved her, her set and how her Primavera set also went all the way off, to which she blew us kisses, thanked us and then was like... "where's the LOO!?!?". Amazing.
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  7. Turnstile. Oh my God, no wonder they're being raved about as one of the best live bands in the world. Ferocious. What a set. Pet Shop Boys, of course, were another stand out. They have the songs, presentation, and charisma. They could headline every year. Beabadoobee was fantastic too.
  8. Me and @Sam reading this Fqas.gif
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  9. This was my ninth and it just never stops being incredible. And that’s with getting sunstroke and not really getting out the gates before Thursday night ha,

    I saw less acts this year and took it at a slower pace which worked for me, but my body is still in pieces. Saw Griff, Sigrid, Sugababes and Foals on the Friday, Haim, Olivia, Jessie and Calvin on the Sat and Diana, Kacey, Years & Years, Charli and Gorgon City on the Sunday.

    so, gay as you like haha. And I agree it felt much queerer this year, and I didn’t restrict my own queerness to the Downlow as I had done in the past.

    Jessie was my highlight, her into Calvin was such a great evening. Sugababes also great, and tbh everybody I saw was. The only disappointment was Gorgon City, which was super crowded, and I didn’t hear many of the hits before I decided to bounce and meet my friends, A shame because when I saw them live as opposed to DJ it was wall to wall hits.

    Prices were definitely higher this year and there was a definite pot lock aspect to whether you paid £13 for a trough of food or £13 for a burger the size of a small ant.

    But so little to complain about in comparison to the absolute wealth of joy and energy. Adored it.
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  10. “whether you paid £13 for a trough of food or £13 for a burger the size of a small ant.”

    bowl of noodles was always my go to choice of food for just that reason. Just loiter nearby to size up the portions being given out and then go for it!
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  11. Any time I saw once of those 'Food for a fiver' stickers, it was for a kid's portion only...?
  12. I saw one place just selling… an egg.
  13. I was loitering and saw how small the burger was alone so ordered the ‘meal deal’. Turns out that was just throw four chips inside the burger and call it a day haha
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  14. The Linda McCartney veggie stand whopped out generous portions of burgers and fries.
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  15. Sam


    Tickets on sale in November this year, v strange
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  16. Latest ever?
    I still believe my chance of getting one again being 2 million to one.
    I last went the world liked Adele
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