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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, May 3, 2009.

  1. Are they on a break already? It has to do with the end of the baseball season and the scheduling of those games, which Fox owns the rights to.
  2. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Are there not other Fox channels though? Or they could show it on a different day. I'd accept a week or two off, but a month-long gap makes me think they shouldn't have bothered coming back until October.
  3. I imagine the deal that Fox has with Major League Baseball is that the games which it is licensed must appear on the Fox Broadcasting Channel (i.e. not on FoxNews or FoxSports), as the games would get the best possible ratings on the broadcast network rather than basic cable. Their creative programming is simply pushed to the side in favor of bigger ratings.
  4. SBK


    Break already? How annoying, why start it if they're gonna stop it after 3 weeks!?
  5. The break is for the US X Factor I thought?
  6. The only other Fox station is a cable 24/7 news station.

    Odd they chose to leave it at a break when it's popularity is dying down.
  7. I think it's because they don't have the next few episodes ready so they're leaving a gap until they do. They'll probably only show 5 episodes before Christmas and then take another month or more break, it's so frustrating!
  8. Has everyone in the UK just stopped watching this now?
  9. Pretty much yeah, since it went to Sky. The last season being crap probably didn't help matters either.
  10. No, I'm 90% sure it's because of the Major League Baseball's post-season schedule.
  11. They did the same thing back during the days of The O.C., for Baseball, but even then that show had a break every freaking month it seemed. It was soo obnoxious.
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Well only satellite TV subscribers can watch it now, and I can't see anyone other than the die-hard fans bothering to search for download links or torrents each week. It's very telling that there are no Glee songs in the UK Top 40, but then maybe this will change once they release more 'current' tracks.
  13. Just watched episode 3, and i agree with the consensus that it was a very good episode. One of the best in a long time. I think season 3 has been off to a much better start then last season.

    I was very displeased to learn that Mike Chang would be promoted to main cast, especially since we were lead to believe he could not sing. He was the most annoying character on the show for me, until this weeks episode. I think they handled that remarkably well, and i am glad he is finally contributing to the show vocally.

    Now they just need to do something about Mercedes. She has been driving me nuts for a long time, and i almost flipped my lid when they once again decided to make her and Rachel enemies. That was my only issue with the episode, but it was saved by having her join the second glee club. I think that will be interesting.
  14. I caught up over the weekend, and its still so much better than Season 2.

    Blaine + bowtie is hot, and I never saw it last year.

    The line about Kurt looking like Jimmy Fallon's younger lesbian sister made me spit out a grape. As did his Dreamgirls bit, but for different reasons.

    And seriously - Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson + Dreamgirls in the same episode? It was like they wrote it for me!
  15. I am hating Blaines clothes this year, think he looks ridiculous the majority of the time. I do think Glee is back though, whilst I am not keen on much of the music from this season yet, the storylines are picking up!
  16. I don't know who I want more, Blaine or Mike.

    Obviously both would be ideal but...
  17. Mike is much hotter.
  18. Mike is hotter, but I'd say Darren is hotter than Mike.
  19. Mike / Harry wins for me. Only because Blaine/Darren is TINY!
  20. This is correct :) Glee is off air for 3 weeks in the States due to Baseball. As UK viewers are now getting episodes the same week, obviously we follow suit.

    The good news is Dianna Agron has been in the recording studio so *maybe* someone else gets a song other than Darren in season 3? ;)
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