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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, May 3, 2009.

  1. Reading the tributes to Naya these few days has been so bittersweet because by literally all accounts it seems like she was the best type of friend you could ever hope for, the kind of person youd be lucky to have in your corner. And also funny af.

    Thats what I’m taking with me from this.
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  2. That was such a lovely tribute. She truly was one of a kind.
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  3. Nn @ the DVD player bit. Her sense of humor <3
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  4. the cheers to being role models bit sent me
  5. It’s still not hit me she’s died, it’s just all shocking to me.

    This reminded me of her talking on the Showmance podcast about how she upset Chris while doing a scene as he was taking what she was saying (from the script) to heart.

    Also in her book there’s a chunk of a chapter sort of about Chris, how much she loved him and was inspired by him. There’s a bit where someone (Lea) was refusing to come on set during the episode Chris wrote because he brought dogs on set for a scene and Naya was like, where is everyone, I’m on my mark, you need to sort this out and the producer said, I’ve been running this show for six years and her reply was poorly and she got sent home and cut out of the show for a bit and (Lea) leaked the story to the press that Naya was fired. She didn’t care, she stood up for herself and called out those who needed to be called out. Loved her!

    - I put (Lea) as Naya never put the name just did put glee star but it’s obviously her, when you watch the episode.
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  6. I highly recommend everyone reads Naya’s book if they can. It’s such an honest, funny and heartbreaking read. All the glowing tributes Naya continues to get about her being a total professional at work, dependable friend and always sticking true to her self didn't surprise me one bit because you see all of that and more in her book in her own words.
    Apparently the book is sold out everywhere at the moment which means more people will realise just how great she really was.
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  7. I was found her relationship with sex and men quite sad to read about as she talked about it a lot. Even Ryan, you could see a pattern and I just knew she jumped the gun with Ryan because of what happened with Sean. She was so open about it all and reading it...I just wanted to hug her and say, girl you don’t need a man to be complete just be with your son and be happy.

    And Tahj Maowry, she tells a very different story to what he’s been saying on Instagram. She was to poor for him, his words and they were barely in love, she called him sexless. The book reads likes she’s talking which makes it sassy.
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  8. It made me sob also, so you’re not the only one. I’m still very sad about the whole situation.
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  9. Lea Michele’s partner’s surname is Reich!?
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  10. Every time I see this thread, I instantly think ‘Oh god, who’s dead, racist, violent or a sexual predator now?’
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  11. So I finally got around to watching the complete series (I stopped midway through Season 5 at the time it aired) and I have some thoughts:

    • They literally wrote Puck as a predatory creep. At one point he says "I have dibs on all the girls in the school who haven't developed boobs yet".
    • Rachel is AWFUL! They give her everything she wants and she is still a terrible person, but we are supposed to root for her? Literally just walking into a lead role in a Broadway show, only to leave for a sitcom?
    • Kurt and Blaine are such an irritating couple. Santana and Brittany are the only couple worth rooting for.
    • They really did the new kids dirty. They focused so much on Rachel and Kurt that none of the new kids really had a chance to catch on with viewers, hence them disbanding the Glee club in Season 5.
    • WHY didn't we get a duet from Mercedes and Unique? I don't care what bullshit reason they would've given for it to happen but I needed it.
  12. I really liked Cassandra/Kate Hudson being the only character in this show not to think Rachel is hot shit and actually make her work for something out of her comfort zone......until the writers got bored of that and decided for her to think Rachel was a twinkly little star too.

  13. Rachel / Lea overload was too much for me with Glee, her character became just so unlikeable and the producers love of her and pushing Rachel down our throats didn’t help.

  14. You just know this is going to be beyond gorgeous.

    In other news, I recently finished my entire Glee rewatch and I have so many feelings and things I want to say.
  15. I loved Rachel up till the end of Season 3, A few episodes inti Season 4 and it’s clearly not Rachel but just Lea playing Lea.
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