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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, May 3, 2009.

  1. I’ve had tons of Glee songs on my On Repeat playlist on Spotify since July because I did a massive rewatch when Naya passed away. My most played is the incredible mash up Naya and Amber Riley did of Rumour Has It x Someone Like You. It was such a fucking serve!!!

    But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do another rewatch again. Ever. It’s just too hard.
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  2. I only ever saw the first 2 seasons at the time on E4 before it went to Sky. I did a rewatch of the whole series when it arrived on Netflix earlier this year and now think it would be too hard to ever watch it again with Naya's passing. Santana was the heart and soul of the show.
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  3. I still really can’t process that she’s gone.
    She was EVERYTHING to watch. Her wit, humor, beauty, heart on that show.

    My god. What a loss.
  4. Some of the individuals that worked on that show are something else. Naya, Amber, Jenna and Kevin McHale really were the stars.
  5. and Dianna! Don’t forget Dianna who had the good sense to get out after season 3!
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  6. I can’t with that post... the first statement to make about the situation is that...

    Honestly I tried to watch Glee again earlier this year and I just can’t get passed everything that has happened since, any enjoyment has gone from it.
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  7. As if. Ryan Murphy would give that storyline to Blaine or Sam with an exclusive FX ‘late night’ version of ‘Glee’.
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  8. I feel like... Heather should have just not said anything. And Twitter is an especially awful platform to say it.

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  9. I understand and empathize with how emotional this time of year might be for her - for everyone who's lost someone really, and how in her feelings she must be, but equating Mark Salling to Naya and Cory is very tone-deaf. There are many complexities in dealing with all of their losses that I don't think Twitter is the right place or platform to express them.
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  10. The Glee cast is reuniting to honor Naya at the GLAAD awards. Minus Lea Michele.
  11. That’s lovely that Naya is being honoured. Her passing still upsets me a lot.
  12. Same, Naya's passing affected me a lot and I still can't quite believe it.

    It's going to be very special seeing them all reunite again in her honour.
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  13. Grab some tissues.
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