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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SuckMyBean, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Just a short question from a foreigner, does the BBC playlist Global Radio artists? From what I gather they are each other's biggest competition, right?
  2. LoveLockdown

    LoveLockdown Guest

    I don't think they put them highly. Cover Drive were C listed and The Wanted are B listed at best. I think Glad You Came was A listed in the end...Jessie is whored out by both, and Radio 2 as well.
  3. This is interesting:

    It gets even worse when you expand the time frame to a year.

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  4. LoveLockdown

    LoveLockdown Guest

    Very. They need to be regulated.
  5. JadeFan

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  6. .
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  7. DiEEnE

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    What is this A, B, C business. DO your stations in the UK list artists by popularity on separate stations? If so that's so irritating and completely idiotic.
  8. LoveLockdown

    LoveLockdown Guest

    No they don't really, that's just a site that does that for us. They just play whoever they're 'in bed' with so to speak.
  9. No, that site is to radio play, as is LivePopBars to iTunes sales.
  10. I reckon that One Direction had their ban lifted when Global realized that they were not going to be able to halt their popularity. One Direction 1, Capital, 0.

    Global own Heart too!

    I think the reason Global are currently getting away with such shoddy playlisting is because their main competitor, Radio 1, has DJ's who talk incessantly which pisses people off. I wonder why Radio 1 snubbed Alexandra? I get a feeling that they didn't want to appear uncool after her snub by Global, because Alex does mostly pop and dance music so it's not "edgy" enough for R1 on its own merit. They have to know that pop music's actually popular for them to play it.
  11. Radio 1 have been snubbing Alexandra since All Night Long though, back when Capital were still hammering her music. I think quite a few people at the station just hate her to be honest, they've certainly been vocal enough about it on air.
  12. I have heard One Direction on Capital about two weeks back so the ban is over for sure.

    I once heard Lady GaGa's Born This Way (On Capital) twice in just over an hour which is ridiculous, (it may have been a different DJ I'm not sure, but it still doesn't justify it), their playlist is far too small, how can they play a song 234 times in the last 30 days and play just a 2% of variety?! It's not just Capital either...It really does annoy me as I feel so sorry for the artists who don't get playlisted on there, especially new artists as if Global snub you you basically have no chance. It wouldn't matter if they didn't have such a large audience share, it's a shame they are so powerful and so biased.
  13. I miss Galaxy so much. It used to play R&B and now its Capital it just plays Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and Carly Rae Jepson (or do I call her Maybe?) twice every hour (I'm being serious, they did it yesterday).
  14. LoveLockdown

    LoveLockdown Guest

    Radio 1 are silly and my mum did say, that R1 have always been political in their treatment of black female artists. ANL was a big hit yet they didn't play it ''because it was a hit without us'' so in order for a single to be a hit it must be played, seeing as it was single #3, so they clearly have an issue with alex. She'll get the odd play for 2 weeks and that's it. Did they even playlist Hallelujah and Bad Boys for more than a week? R1 really do hate her, but I want to know WHY. Because it will be telling, she was on top of the world in 2010, the prime of British talent, there was no need to hate her. I pray Capital get on board for Daylight Robbery or Between the sheets because they are good songs, no doubt about it. If not, we know its BS and there's an ulterior motive.
  15. LoveLockdown

    LoveLockdown Guest

    I Do too, JoJo's laugh used to wake me up, they were so funny and played wicked music. There was a place for Mary J Blige and J Hud to get something, now there's nothing.
  16. I really can't see how what they are doing isn't illegal.
  17. Global have been trouble making Down Under too : . The son of Richard Park, one of the bosses of Global, runs Nova FM in Australia. The Wanted's Glad You Came charted lowly there at #36, but this bloke made sure Nova raped Glad You Came 24/7, 1025 times in 6 weeks on Nova's eight stations, despite it's relative unpopularity, which eventually gave the song success, although it pissed off listeners.

    These three things are what give me hope. Someone is bound to speak up soon. People like Alexandra and Joe have been ruined by Global, so they've got nothing to lose by speaking out. I'm sure they're not the only ones. Also artists must be getting pissed off having to bend over backwards to impress them. Someone else joked about Pixie Lott being a sex slave, but I actually think something like this may well be going on. All of Global's ten board members are male, so they're obviously misogynist.

    Ashley and co seem to be incapable, and their immature behaviour shows a lack of judgement and an ultra-competitive mentality that rarely serves well long term. Ashley wouldn't have even been able to start it without his billionaire dad and his rich mates.
    I don't know what this means for Global, but it sounds really bad:
    "In 2009 the company posted overdue accounts and later was forced to write off £193m of the investment in the business and seek further investment from shareholders, despite publicly stating earlier in the year that shareholders would not be forced to put in more funds."

    Plus, the sheer lack of variety in music will start to give Global a bad reputation soon. I already noticed before I knew anything at all about radio.
  18. Well, that explains how The Wanted, Coverdrive and Pixie Lott have defied all logic and become successful.
  19. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Thank GOD the Official Chart Company doesn't take in radio audiences like Billboard.
  20. @LoveLockdown many people have mentioned that Radio 1 really don't like black women doing pop, which could be Alex's problem. They like black women to do typically black music, rap and R&B.

    I really miss Galaxy too, there was never a bad song played on that station. They just knew what worked in a way that Capital just don't. But Capital did limit and fuck up their playlist gradually, so I assume they were aware of what they were doing and hoped that listeners wouldn't notice.
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