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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SuckMyBean, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. I find it interesting when artists flop around for a bit and all of a's like they suddenly get a.."push"..on radio. See Karmin and Ellie Goulding randomly taking off on US radio after flopping for an extended period of time.
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    mmm Ellie is an interesting one, she might be top 10 in 2 weeks. She's taken nearly 6 months.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    God I wish Karmin would fucking die. This thread is an interesting one, and I've been noticing lately on American radio stations, its really just the same shite on a continual loop. I have to have the alternative and indie stations on all the time just to avoid Gotye...and even then he sometimes gets through.
  4. Is there a limit to how man times an older song can be played on radio, or what about album tracks, are they allowed to be spun?

    Just noticed that 'Best Thing I Never Had' was just on Capital, that fell out of the charts yonks ago.
  5. To be honest I never really listen to the radio much due to the fact it feels like the same 10 songs on repeat all day, I know from reading on here that they snubbed Alexandra and that they blacklisted One Direction. They sound really petty to me, it's a shame it has such an effect on sales,Ofcom really should step in and stop them being so childish.
    I guess the problem is it's up to them what they play, I just wish more people were aware of how they treat certain artists. Maybe it's worth complaining to Ofcom? Great topic by the way, really interesting to know all this.
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    There isn't sadly. R1 and R2 have regulations, but Capital don't. A shame UK radio didn't hammer Bey's really good stuff (end of time and countdown).
  7. I don't listen to Capital or any of the other radio stations of Global but I know that Kiss have 'Kisstory', do Capital or any of the others have these type of things? I just imagine Lisa Snowden sitting there all day everyday chatting crap.
  8. It’s interesting isn’t it that we have the leader of the opposition turning up at the Leveson Inquiry saying that News International owning 34% of the UK newspaper market is probably too much (or at least, just enough) – but Global owning ten percent more of the UK radio market is A-OKAY. No one much seems to mind.

    Yes, you could argue that the newspaper is far more crucial – as newspapers tend to be politically partisan and can influence public political opinion. But culture is important. Culture is the stuff that fills peoples live. We don’t, as most news outlets like to think, spend as many hours fretting about the European banking crisis as we do thinking about what kind of musicians and entertainers we like. And therefore if there is the general feeling that things that communicate political messages (i.e. newspapers) should have greater plurality – then shouldn’t the things that communicate cultural messages?

    Of course, Global would argue that the difference between broadcasting and newspapers is the involvement of the BBC. Why should a commercial company’s market share be capped when BBC Radio can make up 50%+ of the radio market?

    However, because of the way that the BBC works – there can be no Ashley Tabor at the BBC. No one person can make playlist vetoes across all BBC stations, no one person can pursue petty agendas. I was very critical of Radio 1’s snubbing of Alexandra with All Night Long and Start Without You – bone fide commercial hits from a UK artist, but ultimately that was a decision at one station made by a panel of playlisters that will regularly refresh itself. When people complained in writing to Radio 1, they replied with their reasons. It may not have been a wholly satisfactory response – but at least they are held accountable and must respond. Capital wouldn’t. The Radio 1/Alex issue was over as far as I’m concerned when R1 were the only people playing Elephant after her relationship with Syco was over.

    So while our public broadcaster has the internal checks and systems in place to ensure power is not abused – the commercial broadcasters don’t. I don’t see it as unreasonable then that a cap be put on commercial market share but not on the BBC market share.

    Then you come on to the stuff about Global only playing their own artists. I’ve had a change on heart on this recently. At first, I didn’t think it was much different from ITV1 ‘self commissioning’ from ITV Studios to make programmes. ITV (unlike the BBC) is not limited as to how many hours of programmes it can commission from itself.

    However, I think the analogy is slightly off. ITV in some instances may be the broadcaster and the content publisher but they are never also the agent/management for the on screen talent. It’s not like Ant & Dec are managed by ‘ITV Management’ – so that when a show featuring Ant & Dec is commissioned ITV are paying THEMSELVES an agents fee. This is the Global set up. They are the broadcaster (the radio station), the content owner (the publisher of the songs they push) AND the agent (the management of those artists). It is so self-serving that the idea that unhealthy conflicts of interest don’t arise seems laughably naive.

    It is currently against the law (in the UK at least, I think, I’m sorry – broadcasting is my bag, not so much record companies) for a label to be both the record company and management of an artist, because the management is supposed to negotiate with the label on BEHALF of the artist. So why there would be no rule for cross publisher-broadcaster-management arrangements seems strange.

    Something people tend to throw back at you when you bring up Global is the influence Cowell has and why isn’t the focus on curtailing Syco’s ownership. However, while Syco may be the content producer for The X Factor and become the label/publisher for its winning acts, Syco don’t manage their own artists. They may have preferred management companies (Modest, Louis Walsh etc), but they aren’t the same beast. Also, Syco aren’t self commissioning. Syco don’t own the broadcaster its shows appear on. Believe me, it *PAINS* ITV that its biggest hits are owned by Cowell and not by ITV. So in the lifespan of a typical X Factor act, you have three distinct companies (i.e. ITV/Syco/Modest) working together– but not owned by one person.
  9. They're losing money, not making profit. If I remember correctly, their losses only reduced from £32,000,000 in 2010 to £30,000,000 in 2011 - bearing in mind the company costs hundreds of millions of pounds to form. In 2009 they had to write off £193,000,000 and ask for more money from share holders. The company was paid for by Michael Tabor and his friends for Ashley Tabor. It's not making money. It's something a billionaire daddy has paid for for his spoilt, power-hungry son. That's the reason they've been able to expand so quickly, despite not making any profit. Ashley's treatment of One Direction proved that Global's playlists can be about power and pettiness before business. Ashley doesn't have to worry about finances at all with his dad's backing. His method is to continually expand, expand, expand at all costs, and exercise as much power as he can to manipulate others into submission. He's focusing on building his dominion in the hope that profit will follow later.

    Plus people have started to notice Capital's poor playlists, which is significant considering that they only took over Galaxy 3 years ago and became shit gradually. Until I learnt about the radio industry, I simply assumed that music was really shit these days, and I'm sure many other people do too.

    The catalogue analogy is completely incomparable - catalogues exist to sell clothes, not adverts. They are the advert. And the models are just anonymous clotheshorses for the clothing, they are not the product. There are purposes in having only a few models in the catalogue. It provides a sense of continuity for a certain line, collection, or style of clothes, and gives the customer a way of judging how different clothes fit on that individual model's body to give them some idea of what looks best. Radio, on the other hand, uses music (in Global's case) to sell advertising space. Global are also a record label and get additional benefits by being manipulative with their playlists and with other organisations to gain favours and power over the music industry, and to promote their own artists and destory rivals, or artists who refuse to/cannot comply. You know something's going on when their playlist is limited to point of being detrimental to themselves - but they somehow continue to dominate and manipulate the music industry.
  10. I may like Alexandra, but her snub just caused me to be aware of and learn about the Global situation. I created this thread because this forum is about "pop justice" and Global unfairly control pop and justice. It's a legitimate concern that many people obviously share. It's just lazy to accuse me of being a raging stan. The discussion about R&B came from how Capital's playlist is not as good as Galaxy's because they no longer play R&B. That was nothing to do with Alexandra, and this thread is nothing to do with Alexandra either. This thread remains about Global. You've completely twisted everything.

    You only have to look at Capital's playlists, list of their top artists and the charts to see a ridiculously strong correlation between what they thrash and what people buy.

    And actually, Capital are still hammering Rolling In The Deep and The A Team (and Adele and Ed Sheeran in general) today.
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  11. I imagine Rihanna featuring in Capital's TV advert two years ago counting towards her play as well. Plus she does all the local veriation adverts like "Whaddup Yowksha!"
  12. @CowboyStyle - for a chance of Alexandra seeing this thread, you ought to follow the American stan who made that youtube video and tweet the link to her, as Alex followed her on twitter @BritLajoyce. The US stan doesn't appear to know about Global, so I'm sure she would be interested.

    @RhythmNative - thank you for your amazing post, I was hoping you would get involved in this thread as you seem to know so much.


    I thought I'd do a summary of Capital's fav's and why they're cosy with each other:

    The Wanted - one of Global's artists, also signed to Mercury
    Cover Drive - ditto
    Lawson - ditto
    Jessie J - has publishing deal with Global
    Rihanna - Belongs to Def Jam, who have a deal with Global to promote each other's artists. Def Jam also spend $1,000,000 on radio deals for each of Rihanna's singles (I'd imagine only the big singles - not Talk That Talk for example - get the million dollar treatment.)
    D'Banj - Def Jam (they've now playlisted him)
    Jennifer Lopez - Def Jam
    Ne-Yo - Def Jam
    Pixie Lott - Signed to Mercury, part of the Island Def Jam group in the US. Rumoured to live in Ashley Tabor's cellar (!)
    Relations with Simon Cowell - they are said to be friends and both of them frequent Barbados parties. The last one had Rihanna and The Wanted performing. In 2005 Ashley flew out Simon and that year's X factor stars for a party. I don't know why this cosiness doesn't give X Factor artists more favour. Perhaps Ashley doesn't want Capital to be known for arselicking those involved in a show that many still consider a joke. Or maybe he's just proving that he doesn't have to answer to Simon and it's a power thing - I would expect that kind of behaviour of him. Although keeping JLS and Olly Murs on heavy rotation will be like dangling a carrot in front of Simon to make him think he can get favours from his Ashley.
    I also have to say that Simon Cowell isn't such a massive mogul as people think. He's had a highly successful string of TV shows and made himself rich and famous, but he's hardly in a position of influence and his record label is shit.

    Can anyone think of why Capital's other favourites are currently in their good books?
  13. This year's advert features Jessie J, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Pixie Lott, Example, Labrinth and Jason Derulo and JLS. Last year's one features the Black Eyed Peas, Usher and The Saturdays. I bet they did those ads for free!
  14. Ellie was taking off on iTunes and radio began to pick up on it. She's blowing up on radio now because she's nearing the top 10 on iTunes, I don't see any reason there would be any suspicion around her or any hit that takes a while to take off. Not everything is instant.

    I didn't say they don't play them now, they obviously do. But prior to them both blowing up they didn't touch them. Rolling and The A Team became hits off the back of Radio 1 airplay. Capital only played them after.
  15. At the time of Ambitions, Joe McElderry fans made complaints about Global and The Wanted but it was mainly laughed off.

    While Syco, Modest, and Global are three separate entities, there does seem to be a lot of cooperation and connections between them.

    SuckMyBean - Global's artists can get promotion with an X factor performance slot. X Factor artists, or ones that Simon wants to actually promote, can get airplay on the Global network. They both win.
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  16. I hope when Leona is ready to release her new single that Simon is ready for heavy arselicking.
  17. It seems Queen Goulding indeed has a publishing deal with them!

    Perfect chance for her next single in the UK to SMASH.
  18. I imagine he got a beday installed in Ashley's home for Leona's return.
  19. Wait, Ellie Goulding is about to make it big in the US now?
  20. Yes?

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