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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SuckMyBean, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. We also have Global Talent to blame for LMFAO who they also represent for publishing. I wonder how many years of loss making the company will get away with before someone decides enough is enough. Even then, presumably the areas of the business that does make money will probably be salvaged so I don't see Global Talent or Publishing going anywhere.
  2. passionoia

    passionoia Moderator

    I do think that's it's a shitty situation that really shouldn't be happening.

    However when it comes to the question of 'Why aren't the powers that be doing owt' I think there are potential factors.

    The government cut it's expendature on radio advertising by I believe 85% not so long back. They were the biggest spenders in commercial radio. Therefore I'd imagine they're pretty loathe to start forcing rules regarding business practices on them. Their actions already put the state of commercial radio in the shit, I don't think they want to risk going there and maybe making things worse.
  3. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    This thread is fascinating. I get the impression that radio in the U.K. is far more homogenized than in the U.S., where even if you have a dominant company like Clear Channel, there's still the opportunity to set up an independent regional station, which can be very successful.
  4. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Who owns Free radio/BRMB?
  5. As a general point about UK radio, I think Radio 1 needs to play more music, whenever I've turned it on in the morning it's been the repulsive Chris Moyles yapping endlessly, it would make them a viable alternative to Capital's morning show.
  6. It wasn't just ClearChannel rotating the song on repeat, though - pretty much all Top 40 Mainstream radio stations decided to play Born This Way once an hour, every hour, because the demand was so high on the day of the premiere.

    Payola in the USA is illegal in all shapes and forms, unless the listener is informed that the play is being sponsored. Labels can give away freebies to radio stations for them to give away in competitions, but they can't have any kind of contract, etc. that says it is in exchange for radio airplay. If some kind of 'legal payola' worked for labels in this day and age, they'd be doing it frequently, but they just don't. EMI only really has Katy Perry as a massive breakthrough act on radio!
  7. Orion Media own Free Radio who were owned by Global when they took over GCap they were sold off due to concerns of breaching competition law under the Office of Fair Trading so they are now completely independent. There are very few successful independent stations in the UK and ones that are end up like Galaxy did being bought or merging with bigger companies and then rebranded which is what Global did.

    This thread is utterly fascinating I don't have Capital in my area but I have Heart who are equally just as bad with playlisting (I heard Moves Like Jagger twice within the space of 30 minutes once) despite reaching to completely different demographic. It's interesting they are seeking out to buy more stations and this time no one is batting an eyelid over potential breach of competition law. If this was TV it would be a completely different story.
  8. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Ah interesting. I used to really like Galaxy back in the day...
  9. It's slightly different here in that you are talking about a country smaller than most American states; the ratio is going to be way out for that fact alone. A lot of radio stations that were independent form a coalition with others in other regions, then get bought out, etc. and become part of a national chain. See here for an example: - Invicta Sounds became Invicta Radio, they bought another radio station, then got acquired by Southern Radio, which was then acquired by Capital Radio, who then merged with GWR to become GCap, then Global bought GCap, renamed 28 local radio stations as "Heart Radio" (their most successful brand in London).

    There are still independent success stories in local radio, but they're few and far between: for example.
  10. Capital is unbearable now, imagine when Global Talent have built up a proper roster of artists. It will be their own artists on loop throughout the day with a bit of Adele and Jessie J thrown in.
  11. I think the only times people will hear one song repeated within an hour is when one show ends and another starts.
  12. At work earlier, I found The Wanted's american EP slip booklet on my iPad, I noticed Ashley Tabor is in their thankyou's, did he help them out in America too?
  13. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Very likely!
  14. Well today on Capital i heard Jessie J - Domino, Rihanna - Where Have You Been THEN Jessie J - Laserlight. Like what the actual fuck. I don't mind those songs (to a certain extent) but with just a 3 minute space in between, just no.
  15. YES. The irritating too-cool-for-school DJ's who are fucking in love with the sound of their own voices stop Radio 1 being a good station in general. The public would love a music station with no adverts (obviously) but the R1 DJ's more than make up for the lack of irritating adverts by incessant, unfunny yakking.
  16. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

  17. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    It's a business and they can do what they like.
    It's not like Radio 1 who is paid for by taxed / government owned right?
  18. Doesn't mean we can't complain about it. Plus, according stuff I've seen posted on this page from various sources, the whole conflict of interests thing with their acts seems very shady.

    With regards to that Guardian article this comment "...And that snapshot also includes Gaga, Adele and Black Eyed Peas..." The person who wrote that has clearly NEVER properly listened to Capital and has just listed artists they know to be popular.
    The article also says it was Gaga who changed it to "It doesn't matter if you love him or capital FM" Was it ? I never thought it sounded like her.
  19. If businesses could do what they like, why do we have laws preventing this sort of thing in just about every area of business apart from radio?
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