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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by letuinmybackdoor, Dec 13, 2006.

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    The gloria! album was such a great discovery! It's all bops that don't let up and it's sung with such heart and fierceness. Don't Let This Moment End should be a dance classic.

  2. The 70's Moment Medley could had been another dance album/EP with each of those songs. It's really good.

    Long Version

    Short Edit
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  3. ^ I had no idea Gloria had performed the medley, it's great! Thanks for posting.
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  4. I’m going to soundtrack part of my home working today with the Gloria! And Miss Little Havana albums today. This thread has put me in the mood.
  5. I recall a rumour around the time that this was the original plan for an album, before they ended up with what became Gloria!
  6. They were going to do an album either of her best remixes or just upbeat songs. She wanted to record a few new tracks. However they came up woth so much material she decided to do an album.
  7. And that was finally the concept of "Greatest Hits Vol. 2".

    Honestly, I would had been prefer an "gloria! Vol.2" with another bunch of good dance/disco songs and great mixes. JLO's Let's Get Loud was part of those gloria! sessions discarted songs and she gifted her during the JLO's On The 6 sessions.

    I've always believed that Gloria was also left wanting it and that's why she released "Miss Little Havana" years later. I think it was Sony who preferred to do a Greatest Hits after a decade full of hits to celebrate the millennium. On those years, all the pop stars were releasing greatest hits albums.
  8. A gloria v2 would have been amazing!!

    a second greatest hits after Destiny would have been odd - I think there would have only been two English language albums since the last?

    I’m really excited for these Gloria remix bundles!!
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  9. Any idea when? I am so excited too..
  10. Oh YES. This is long overdue!
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  11. Not too sure... hopefully within the next six months!
  12. So many remixes during the Gloria! era. There were also two 20 minute+ megamixes.
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  13. Those mega mixes are online now!
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  14. Last information shared from Sony is they uploaded all the singles, maxis, remixes and CD-R mixes (some of them never released before) of the entire gloria! era but no idea when they're going to appear. They were in contact this months with original DJs who mixed the songs, @aquaplex and a Gloria collector who kindly provide the material. (Thank you guys!)

    Also, Sony is going to release her latest album "Brazil305" on vinyl finally as requested by fans. Pre-order is available now:

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  15. I can’t say too much but we tried to be as thorough as possible with the remixes.
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  16. I know you can't confirm anything but do we know if there was any edits or dubs of the Trouser Enthusiasts mix of Heaven?

    Usually they would at least have a radio edit or something.
  17. Doesn’t appear to have been
  18. Sorry if this was obvious and I just missed it, but will these be available to purchase and download (like the recent MC30 releases)?
  19. Exciting news to hear all the Gloria! Era remixes will be made a available soon! Amazing job @aquaplex

    I’ve just been listening to Bailando Megamix, which is amazing, and wondered if anyone knew what mix of oye mi canto is used for it?
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  20. I’d love a segue free Gloria! but that disco megamix on one of the CD singles from the album is 11/10!

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