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Gloria Estefan

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by letuinmybackdoor, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. The fine print on the CD states “New versions of Oye Mi Canto and Montuno - Remix and Additional Production by Pablo Flores”

    Not sure if it exists independently but that’s who was behind it, at least.
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  2. Assuming so!
  3. I also like the remix for Live for Loving You on the megamix which was included on the Heaven's What I Feel megamix. I believe it was also mixed by Pablo Flores. I wish it got its own individual remix, as well as Mi Tierra from the same megamix.
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  4. Thanks for this! I guess they were just done for the megamix maybe...
  5. I was listening again today Hotel Nacional. What a bop. The dance base, the sound, the lyrics, the video, even some mixes... The nearest she was to have the gloria! sound back again.

    Should be the first single of Miss Little Havana instead of Wepa!

    Gloria hun, we deserve another entire dance album. Her latest shoot could have fit perfectly for a dance album cover:

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  6. I'm not the biggest fan of dance-Gloria!, but I watched the video for Hotel Nacional for the first time recently, and you're right is a bloody great song. I'd never really taken much notice of it in the context of the album (where I only really care about Medicine), but it is very good indeed.
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  7. Every time I get a notification for this thread I'm praying it's @aquaplex coming to tell us the Gloria! Singles are on spotify.
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  8. Apparently they're planned to be on Spotify in the summer of this year.
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  9. Dance Gloria is such a moment. I Just Wanna Be Happy especially, when the choir comes in towards the end *chefs kiss*
  10. Happy joyous supreme!!!
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  11. Great news about the Gloria! singles coming to Spotify, I had the Heavens What I feel CD single and was OBSESSED with the new megamix that was the B side and every now and again I check for it on Spotify and get disappointed it's not there so really looking forward to that. Also, Id love for the Miami Hit Mix to go on Spotify - it was even a UK top 10 single, which I had.
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  12. I love a good Gloria Megamix!
  13. The Queen of Megamixes!
  14. 1988 The Megamix
    1991 Miami Sound Machine Megamix.
    1995 Everlasting Gloria! Megamix
    1998 HitMix Megamix
    1998 PartyTime! Megamix
    1998 Bailando! Megamix
    1998 Divas! VH1 Megamix

    Only megamix legends.
  15. The Gloria's Everlasting Miami VH1 Diva Mega Party Hitmix.
  16. She looked amazing in the Hotel Nacional video. And the Susan Lucci cameo...mama that's camp!
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  17. I know some of her songs and I've listened to the Gloria! album, it was a very enjoyable listen. Excited to delve back with her catalogue.
  18. Nabbed a copy of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me in a charity shop yesterday. Can't wait to give it a spin.
  19. Yep

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  20. Brazil305 vinyl is now on Amazon UK. Gatefold 180gr

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