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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by letuinmybackdoor, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. There's any feedback about the vault which was going to be available on Spotify this summer for the 25 Anniversary of Destiny @aquaplex ?

    It was a bit disappointing that they didn't do more to celebrate the anniversary of such a gorgeous and iconic album. They haven't even re-released it on vinyl, which has been in demand it for years.
  2. Destiny is a really lovely album. Great production. I'm sure it would sound gorgeous on vinyl. It has such a warm sound even on CD.
  3. Sony uploaded on Streaming yesterday an expanded deluxe version of Christmas Through Your Eyes (1993), including 3 extra songs which weren't on the original tracklist release album which is great!


    I hope they do it with all her studio albums and singles to and take the opportunity to include some unreleased tracks from the vault.
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  4. Is there any update on the Gloria-era remixes? I'm quite looking forward to listening to those.
  5. Sadly delayed and we’ve now hit Q4 where the labels get busy… sorry
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  6. Driving to work for my nightshift and Go Away came on Spotify, what a song, a total bop and a half.
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  7. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. I thought the mixes had finally been added to streaming.
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  8. Agree. Don't play with my emotions
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  9. I recommend going for the maxi-singles. They are SO worth it. Some of the best maxi-singles of their kind. Though it would be nice to have them on streaming since I don't have all the mixes.

    Always loved the mix from the soundtrack of Dance with Me.
  10. Same! I thought the single had been uploaded to streaming. The 90s mega mix b side was a staple of mine for years as a teenager!
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  11. The Canadian version of Gloria! is worth tracking down, too (!) The bonus tracks sound gorgeous in French.

    Still one of my favorite secondhand finds.
  12. I never realised the soundtrack version was a different mix - it's probably better than the album/single version.

    As great an album as Gloria! is, the single choices never seemed that great to me. 'Don't Stop' was the obvious choice for a lead single. And I much preferred 'Cuba Libre' to 'Oye'.
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  13. Don't Stop was done dirty. It should have been a single with multiple remixes.
  14. Oye is epic.
  15. Can we talk about this official Feelin' unreleased mixes? They're brilliant

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  16. Love the remixes of Feelin’. At least one was a Japanese bonus track on the album but really should’ve been a UK single, it could’ve got plenty of play in UK gay clubs at the time.
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  17. Always a nice time to show out my Gloria! Homemade Edition, which would make a great re-release:

    Gloria! Deluxe

    1. Heaven's What I Feel
    2. Don't Stop
    3. Oye
    4. Real Woman
    5. Feelin'
    6. Don't release me
    7. Don't let this moment end
    8. Touched by an angel
    9. Lucky girl
    10. I just wanna be happy
    11. Cuba libre
    12. Amour infini
    13. Que ca Ne Finisse Jamais
    14. Cuba libre (Spanish)
    15. Corazón prohibido (Pablo flores spanish 12'' mix)
    14. Feelin' (Love to infinity Mix)
    15. Don't release me (Wyclef Remix)
    16. Don't stop (Tony Moran's Stress Test Mix)
    17. Don't let this moment end (Radio edit)
    18. Don't let this moment end (Ballad version)
    19. 70's Moment Medley (Long Mix)

    Heaven's what I feel mixes
    1. Love to infinity classic radio mix
    2. Victor calderone radio mix
    3. Soul solution radio mix
    4. Trouser enthusiasts neanderthal trust mix
    5. Prince quick mix amped up pass
    Oye! mixes
    6. Pablo flores 12'' mix
    7. Rosabel's cubarican radio edit
    8. Mijangos' english radio edit
    9. Hex hector 12'' mix
    10. DJ Greek's caliente mix
    11. Clamaran & Pautra's radio edit
    Don't let this moment end mixes
    12. Hex hector radio mix
    13. NY:PD radio mix
    14. N&S Miami radio mix
    15. Nikolas & Sibley having a moment mix
    16. Sharp master blaster mix
  18. Some Gloria's mixes are better than the album versions

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  19. Literally her best song:

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