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Gloria Estefan

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by letuinmybackdoor, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I've been living inside this dream for the last few days now:

  2. I have always been obsessed when Gloria goes techno at 6 minutes 40 seconds. Get on your feet indeed.
  3. Gloria Unlimited!
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  4. I'm always shook how the followed up her two biggest eras with Coming Out Of The Hit.
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  5. Also can someone tell me who is on the cover here cause that sure isn't Glo

  6. You gotta be crazy to have hits in the 90s!
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  7. Jane McDonald and Wakefield Sound Machine.
  8. 'Coming out of the dark' was the only sensible choice after that tragic accident. Even 'Seal our fate' was a lovely follow up that sadly, did not catch on.
  9. I love Into The Light, partially because it was my first full-length Gloria album and I grew up with it, but it's also just smash after smash - Live for Loving You alone is one of her best singles. The cover art is also gorgina
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  10. Luc


    The Hex Hector remix of Don't Let This Moment End and Tony Moran's Radio Edit of Oye are destroying me lately.. Such Classics/Club Anthems!
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  11. Gloria! is the gift that keeps on giving. I'd never part with my rather tatty well played copy. Love all those classic remixes too.
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  12. I think Mi Tierra to Gloria! is her best period.
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  13. The key Gloria! remixes are all the Mijangos mixes of 'Oye' and the Messy Boys remix of 'Don't Let This Moment End'. A lot of the others aren't all that great.

    The best Gloria mixes across her whole catalog are the Classic Paradise mix of 'Everlasting Love' (which managed to breath new vibrant life into a song that had been covered *to death*), the David Morales mix of 'Oye Mi Canto' and Tony Moran's mix of 'I'm Not Giving You Up', which in a parallel universe would have had the success of Frankie Knuckles' reimagining of 'Unbreak My Heart'.

    Let It Loose/Anything for You and Cuts Both Ways obviously marks Gloria's imperial phase with a run of 10 near-perfect singles between them, but after the misstep of Into the Light, there were plenty of great songs/mixes to be had in the 1990s as well.
  14. Trouser Enthusiasts mix of Heaven’s What I Feel was fab. And the Soul Solution and Calderone mixes.

    Radio 1 played the Love To Infinity mix of You’ll Be Mine (Party Time) rather than the original.
  15. Rosabel's full-length Cubarican Club Mix of Oye is the definitive version for me. The tango break in the middle? I live
  16. She predicted Drag Race back in 1994.
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  17. Well both Annie and Cyndi did it first, but my god at those 2 dance tracks - imagine if we had gotten a whole album, would we even have lived passed the halfway mark?
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  18. Lie after lie! But happy for you.
  19. I think Everlasting Gloria! should have been included a CD with remixes album back in 1997-1998.


    In fact, I think that was also Sony idea and finally they tried with Greatest Hits Vol 2.
    Turn The Beat Around mixes are also pure gold

  20. Okay, when is she doing the Superbowl?
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