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Gloria Estefan

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by letuinmybackdoor, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. She's done it three times! 1992, 1995 and 1999. We need another one obviously, although I think she's good with her three times; Jay-Z asked her to perform in 2020 but she declined.
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  2. No way! I need to youtube this.
  3. She did it in 1992 and 1999.
    In 1995 only Miami Sound Machine was part of it.

    She also was the first latin act in Superbowl history.


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  4. Yay for Oye.
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  5. Pauloria Estefabdul
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  6. More like Glebbie Gibstefan
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  7. Is this long version of the Miami Hit Mix available on CD? Discogs is coming up with nothing but I just love Gloria going rave!
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  9. There's also the live megamix on the Divas Live CD but it's the shorter version.

    I've said it before but Gloria really mastered the megamix. The Hitmix on the Heaven's What I Feel CD maxi-single is sublime. The segues are top-notch.
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  10. Are there HD uploads of Glo's Gloria album videos anywhere? It's a crime that I'm only finding 480p versions.
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  11. Stumbled across Anything For You, Cuts Both Ways and Destiny in a local charity shop so did my bit for cancer research.
    All good albums but Destiny is the best of them for me.
  12. I think Mi Tierra, Destiny, and Gloria! are her crowning achievements.
  13. I'm not wild about Destiny. There are some lovely tracks on there ('Path of the Right Love', the title track, 'I'm Not Giving You Up'), but it is too ballad-heavy and the album versions of the two uptempo tracks - 'Party Time' and 'Higher' - aren't that great. Both of these were improved enormously by their single remixes.
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  14. The laid back feel of Destiny is what I lice about it. The production is so lush and sensual and Gloria’s voice is in top form. I feel like I should be reclining on a chaise lounge scoffing posh chocolates while a buff butler sticks me with my insulin pen.
  15. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that she was properly massive in the UK for a couple of years. In 1989 she had BOTH the #4 and #5 best selling albums of the year when albums were shifting serious units with ‘Anything For You’ and ‘Cuts Both Ways’. She was the highest ranking female artist with Kylie (Enjoy Yourself), Tina (Foreign Affair) and Madonna (Like A Prayer) just below.
  16. That's a very.....detailed....scenario.
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  17. Destiny is one of her best albums. The Evolution world tour from that album was also incredible. One of those albums that must be reissued on clear brown/clear sand vinyl on a limited pressing.

    I don't understand how, with Gloria's enormous career and impact on latin pop music over four decades, Sony has so far forgotten her catalogue.

    Just an Into The Light album reissue (which was great) and that's it. There was also talks of uploading all her singles finally to Streaming and nothing was ever heard of them again.

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  18. I think.....judging from comments on here in the past...that the Estefans are very.................particular...............about their catalogue and what can be done with it. Or not done.
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  19. I agree, I think it's the Estefans - Emilio, in particular. He doesn't seem easy to work with.

    I think there was a Rolling Stone article posted here some time ago. It was from the period when Gloria was recovering from the accident and about to embark on a comeback. The article didn't paint him in a flattering light.
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