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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by letuinmybackdoor, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. It's a shame that two of the album's best songs, Cuba Libre and Don't Stop, didn't get the full remix treatment.

    But it's incredible how many remixes that Heaven's What I Feel, Oye and Don't Let This Moment End got. I miss the late '90s.
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  2. they really did throw money at this and at times query why there were so many mixes. I mean if you heard the E.g. Messy Boys Dub of Don’t Let This Moment End in a club, would that really make you go out and hunt down the single to buy it?!
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  3. And yet only 1 Trouser Enthusiasts mix. Fuming!
  4. These remix packages are amazing! A few unreleased mixes too. Thank you so much!!

    I hope there'll be more to come soon.
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  5. Apparently there are talks with Sony to upload all the Destiny era singles and mixes next, is that true @aquaplex ?
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  6. I’ve discussed it in passing but think someone In the fandom has got a bit ahead of themselves!
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  7. The Messy Boys mix (not the dub) is the best one of the lot for 'Don't Let This Moment End' - would have convinced me to buy it if I'd heard it at the time (well, I suppose it did as I had the 12" promo at the time and later on bought the single)!

    I agree though that the number of mixes is crazy. I guess gloria! was a dance album, so the numerous mixes may have been an attempt to emphasise that point. Sony went overboard with mixes in the late 1990s for a number of artists though. Perhaps remixes had become the next thing after videos for them to throw money at.

    What made it so strange is how few of the mixes were commercially released. 'Oye' never got a commerical release in the US, while the UK rules for CD singles meant that hardly any mixes of 'Oye' got released there either - and the ones they did release included the crappy Chris the Greek mixes and none of the excellent Mijangos mixes.

    Not wanting to nitpick among this remix bonanza, but I don't see the Tony Moran mix of 'Don't Stop' in there? That one is a banger!
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  8. I cannot tell you how many times I've played this since being added. Thank you @aquaplex

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  9. Hey I don't know if anyone cares but I discovered today the song Lucky girl from the album Gloria! is the original to Suerte en mi by Thalia and felt shook

    It was so weird to hear it in English, I heard it for the first time today
  10. So… I never knew Thalia covered it… gagged! Love it too. For me, the Gloria! album is perfection from beginning to end!
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  11. She performed yesterday via satellite from Miami for the July 4th party in US. Looks vocals are re-recorded on the original music base for GOYF.

    And she's working in a new album apparently which is going to be release in September.
    More mixes from Destiny era are planned to be uploaded on Spotify at some point.
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  12. 'Get on Your Feet' is always such a joy to hear!
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  13. Praying for some new Go Away style bangers on this new album then. I'll also take a new Medicine, Party Time and Oye Mi Canto if she's reading.
  14. Queen (also who said I'm living in the past!)

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  15. Xmas album out next week on dogial platforms!
    Physical formats on Dec 2.

    Estefan Family Christmas.
    1. Wonderful Christmastime
    2. Thankful Ft. The Talent Zone Acting Studio Kids
    3. Christmas Time Is Here
    4. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Ft. Lara Estefan-Coppola & Nayib Estefan
    5. Please Come Home For Christmas
    6. I Wish I Could Be Santa Claus
    7. My Favorite Things
    8. Run, Little St. Nick
    9. The Chipmunk Song Ft. Emilio Estefan
    10. Last Christmas
    11. It’s A Marshmallow World
    12. When I Miss You Most
    13. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
    14. Quisiera Yo Ser Santa Claus
    15. Doy Gracias Por Ti Ft. The Talent Zone Acting Studio Kids
    16. Cuando Te Extraño Más
    17. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Ft. Lara Estefan-Coppola & Nayib Estefan (Sasha’s Edit)
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