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Glow (Netflix Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by lushLuck, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. "GLOW" premieres this weekend on Netflix, and is a half-hour scripted dramedy about the women who starred in the 80s wrestling campfest of the same title. Stars Alison Brie and comes from the women behind Orange Is The New Black, Weeds, and Nurse Jackie.

    It's been my most-anticipated TV series of 2017 and I got to watch screeners of the 10-episode first season this week. It's quite good. Certainly has some things to improve on, but it's a really fun, quick watch, and shows a lot of potential for future seasons.
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  2. So ready for this. It looks great.
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  3. Lowkey here for Kate Nash's acting debut.
  4. I know a writer and an actress on this, so excited to see it!
  5. So many great actors in this, I've heard a lot of podcasts featuring the cast in the past few weeks. They all seem to have loved the experience of filming the show (in a way that doesn't seem like generic promotional buzz).

    Also for any wrestling fans Kia Stephens (Kharma/Awesome Kong) is one of the leads, and she's got a stunning wig that is a million miles away from her iconic dreadlocks.

    I really hope we get to see iconic campy gimmicks like: [​IMG]
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  6. As a big fan of Alundra Blayze as a kid and loving Alison Brie I am sooo ready for this. The fact I have not seen one bad review for this (seriously, every review fucking loves it) I am perched and excited for tommorrow.
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  7. After Kimmy Schmidt's massively disappointing season, I'm here for good Netflix comedy. Got a quiet Friday night planned, so may even try and binge the whole thing.
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  8. I just watched the first episode and I love it so far.
    The cast is great, and all of the women are doing a great job.

    I also love that Rich Sommer is pretty much Netflix's go to piece of shit love interest/asshole.
  9. I wish they'd bring her back to WWE. Though they probably have their quota of 'big girls' filled with Nia Jax now.

    Looking forward to binging this over the weekend....
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  10. I'd love to see her as part of the Mae Young Women's Tournament.
    It would be the best way to build on the hype of Glow.

    The montage in episode 3 of all the character promos is fantastic, the ensemble is great.
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  11. This show is fucking fabulous. So funny, so smart. Cherry is a queen.

    Also: "I'm Britannica. The smar'est woman in the weld."
  12. Watched all 10 shows since lunchtime ... absolutely brilliant tv ... didn't drag anywhere and always enticed you to watch just one more ...

    The subtle use of humour was excellent (and didn't feel shoehorned in at all) … They even managed to make abortion funny ...

    The wrestling was spot on for the period the show was set and the few nods to WWE were done well (the Bayley joke especially) ...
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  13. I just finished watching the season and, as an avid Community fan, I didn't think I had the capacity to love Alison Brie any more than I already do... I was wrong. She and Betty Gilpin are QUEENS on this, but tbh about 95% of the cast is amazing, so there you have it.

    Sorry, but I need to make this joke: We did it, kids! We've finally seen Annie's Boobs!

    Also, I was particularly fond of the following choices they made, beware spoilers for Episode 8:

    They had many chances to create stupid, needless drama on this episode, first with Ruth possibly skipping Sheila's birthday party, thus creating a rift between the two, and then with the fakeout in which I was dreading Ruth showing up on Mark's doorsteps to reveal she was pregnant without knowing Debbie was there, and even when she picked up the phone, I 100% thought she was going to leave an "I'm pregnant with your child" voicemail and it would cut to both of them listening to it, but they never did it, and instead opted to have a quiet, tender, fitfully funny scene between her and Sam with the abortion, and it was such a low-key, humanizing take on the whole situation, there really was no better way to handle that storyline. Amazing.
  14. Premiered yesterday and getting pretty strong reviews. Watching the first episode, it's not exactly laugh-out loud funny but it has its moments. It's definitely got the '80s feel down though.
  15. I watched the whole series yesterday (ill in bed) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It worked well being half hour long episodes but felt as though the series could've lasted another 2 or 3 episodes.

    Ruth is glorious, she exudes Alison Brie's personality. Kate Nash is also great in this too.
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  16. I finished this last night. I felt like they could have made this a much longer series, there were plenty of sub-stories they could have told. But overall it was very well done, hopefully, they'll delve a little deeper with the supporting cast for season 2.

    And hopefully, they won't make us wait too long for more.
  17. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Only half hour episodes? Hallelujah!
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  18. Half an hour was the perfect length, But I could have done with more of them.
  19. I wish the series spent more time with the supporting characters than Ruth (who in true Piper fashion, is the weak link of the cast) and Sam (who I could care less about). That said, I get this first season focusing on them and think it will allow more time for the remaining characters in seasons to come. This season felt like it was setup more than anything else, and I think in that respect, it did a great job.
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