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Glow (Netflix Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by lushLuck, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Gay bash is a summer tradition?
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  2. You never know.
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  3. Just started watching this. 4 episodes in and it's really good fun.
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  6. Looks amazing
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  7. I've watched the first two episodes and it's as wonderful and joyous as ever but I will be needing some more in ring scenes as they really make it for me.
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  8. I’m gonna binge it later tonight, load up on snacks and take out and just binge the whole fucking Season.

    Soooo excited!
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  9. I'm really trying to savour it. I've only seen three episodes and I already feel like I'm racing through it and don't want it to end.
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  10. I’m binging it because I know if I try spacing it out I’ll go online and spoil it all for myself.

    I’m already finding it difficult not to do so as I’m not starting till later tonight.

  12. Gonna try and plough through the series this weekend!
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  13. If this show gets cancelled, I’ll be devastated. Mourning shawl devastated.

    I could live with a 5 season run and even one more as long as it wraps everything up in a pretty bow but if this gets fucking cancelled this year I swear to god....


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  14. I'm very worried about it as Netflix have been cancelling more and more shows after 3 seasons. I think a lot of it comes down to cost but this show has legs to run and run.
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  15. Betty Gilpin is such a fucking terrific actress. Why have I been sleeping on her?
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  16. ‘Glow’ is in a really weird position in that numbers wise it’s not that popular (it almost got cancelled after Season 1) which is one of two main things Netflix looks for, but it’s a critical darling and an awards magnet which is the second main thing Netflix looks for.

    Plus it has Jenji Kohn as a producer.

    50/50 as to wether it comes back for Round 4. I’m really worried too.
  17. I didn't know that it didn't do well with the numbers for them. I know that we can see the UK top ten weekly now but they didn't used to do that so I hope it's high up this week for them. Netflix giving shows a chance used to be such a massive draw for them. I never knew that this almost got cancelled after season 1 either - so pleased we got more Glow.
  18. I LOVED Season 3. This really is Netflix’s most consistent dramedy, and Betty Gilpin proves herself again to be the platform’s shining star over these 10 episodes. Geena Davis is such an iconic addition this season, and I love that they gave major stories to some of the girls we don’t usually hear from.

    I still HATE the Ruth-Sam ‘will they/won’t they’ story that became an even bigger part of this season. I love their friendship so much and I don’t buy a romance between them at all, no matter how much the show pushes it.

    Also this canNOT get canceled after that ending! While I loved the way this season wraps, it’s essentially a cliffhanger and I’ll be LIVID if that’s how Netflix ends the series.
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    It managed to get a Season 2 then did well enough to get a Season 3, but I’m still cautious about assuming a Season 4 is in the bag.
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