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Glow (Netflix Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by lushLuck, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. She's amazing in it as well.
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  2. I mean, that was a given, but I'm still glad to hear.
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  3. It’s not a huge role, but boy does she make the most of it.
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  4. Phew. What. A. Season. I can’t tell if it was brilliant or shit.

    Saying that...

    so many fucking cliffhangers. Argh. Please don’t get cancelled, please don’t get cancelled etc etc
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  5. I wanna see

    Bash live his hoe life.
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  6. I love this show, but I can’t help but feel that it was going through the motions this season.

    I really want to see them explore Dash’s sexuality more next season. I think his struggles with his sexuality really works well within the context of it being the 80s. Also, Kate Nash has really developed this past season by being given more of a spotlight.
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  7. I haven’t watched any of season 3 yet but is anyone else concerned that this just popped up on Netflix with no promo?
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  8. Yes. Very. Especially with it hitting the third season curse line.

    I want as many seasons as this show as I can get, but worse case, they only really need one more season to wrap it up if they had to.

    The New wrestling show becomes a massive success and the season ends with the girls as huge (for the time) celebrities.

    Debbie becomes a hot shot Network producer thus getting the respect and power she craves.

    Ruth agrees to do the new wrestling show but also gets a development deal with Debbie and Bash to develop her own show and the finale shows it to be a big success.

    Bash meets a cute guy and falls in love and embraces his homosexuality.

    Sam and Justines movie turns out to be an Oscar winning hit.

    This along with showing a wrestling show that is more like an 80s WWF style spectacle rather than in a gym and with good storylines would allow the show to wrap up satisfactorily.

    I love this show with all my heart and I know it’s probably a cult bubble show so at this stage all I would need is a final kick ass season with the above and I’m happy.

    Of course if they would like to give me Season 5,6 and 7 I’d be ecstatic.

    I guess ‘cancellation watch’ begins now. Based off Netflix habits we should find out if it’s renewed or cancelled anywhere from around 6th September to 1st October based off Netflix renewal/cancellation patterns this year and from ‘Glow’ renewals in the past.
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  9. I think this was anything but going through the motions this season, easily easily my favourite season, I thought it went so much deeper into issues of race, immigration, homosexuality, single or working mothers... I honestly loved it, it felt so much fuller.

    Concur though that it was great to see more of Kate Nash this season, thought she stepped up pretty well. Lol that even when their characters swapped she was still a Brit though.
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  10. The swapping characters sequence may have just been my favourite moment of the entire series and how they dealt with it after was phenomenal as well./SPOILER]
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  11. I'm up to episode 7 of the latest series and, although I wasn't sure it was as strong as the first two series initially, I'm loving it!

    The aesthetic of it all, the depth of the characters and the general 'feel good' vibe of it make it such a joy to watch and I don't want it to end.

    Highlights so far:

    • Sheila's creation of the Liza Minelli character and, really, Sheila in general. I want to rewatch the previous series to see more about her character - didn't she have a difficult time with her parents or something?
    • The inclusion of Dolly's 'Light Of A Clear Blue Morning' song in the episode in the desert. Life affirming!
    • Jenny and Melrose's shares around the campfire in that same episode. I love when characters typically played for laughs (like Melrose/Melanie) show a completely different side to themselves. And it worked so well for me coming so soon after the episode where she picked up the guy she assumed thought she was a prostitute.
    • Debbie. I didn't find her so likeable in the first two series, but there's something really warm about her in this season and I'm interested to see what happens with her and Tex/James.
    • The whole Ruth and Sam relationship. When she came back to the hotel and found that he'd checked out. I'm so intrigued to see how it all pans out for them.
    • Really the only characters I can't get into are the two 'biddies'. (I can't even remember their names!)

    I don't want it to end!
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  12. Netflix doesn't do promo for its series.
  13. I see ads & billboards for their projects ALL the time. I saw nothing for the latest season of Glow, but I think they're counting on the in-house fan base at this point.
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  14. This NEEDS to get another series.
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  15. They definitely do big launches for new shows but beyond say Stranger Things (which is its own beast) they don't do too much outside of online adverts. This bit doesn't worry me about Glow but the three season curse of doom at Netflix really does - it absolutely needs that season 4 (and 5).
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  16. I’ve just binged season 1 and 2 and I’m in love.
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  17. I just finished Season Three and...

    I have to say I was a little disappointed.

    I felt like the last episode spent too much time on the Christmas Carol performance (which was fun, but I didn't think really added much to the story) and everything with Bash felt so rushed.

    Some stories (Melrose's relationship with Paul, Cherry's financial issues and Debbie's relationship with Tex/JJ) didn't have enough depth for me. I actually thought I'd missed an episode between Debbie going for dinner with Tex and them becoming a couple.

    That said, I did enjoy the series as a whole and I hope it gets a fourth at least.
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  18. My heart is set on 5 but I could ‘settle’ for one more if it wrapped everything up beautifully.

    Glow on Netflix, give us one more!
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  19. Finished the latest season last night and I really hope it doesn't get cancelled. I will say, though, that I wished there were more wrestling scenes as it felt like they were thin on the ground. But when they did show them wrestling it was epic - the episode where they all swapped characters were brilliant and the episode after is probably one of my favourites of any show this year.

    It would be damn shame if this show get cancelled, especially as it's has such a strong female ensemble cast all of who can hold their own and have so much more to give!!!!!
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  20. I couldn't have said this better myself. The girls all worked so hard at actually learning to wrestle so it's a shame there wasn't more of it - particularly considering how amazing it is when it happens. That's my only slight criticism for the season. I just want them to confirm season 4 now.
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