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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by SpanishEyes, May 27, 2011.

  1. I absolutely love her. So funny.
  2. Queen of youtube is right!

    What happened to her getting a TV show through Oprah or something along those lines...?
  3. My favourite video of hers is "LADY GAGA IZ DE DEBOW!!"

    I love her my than all of my faves combined.
  4. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    I loved her Rebin Green one. "Homosexus is the debull!"
  5. HAHA! Wow. "I'm a weave-a diva." Brilliant.

    Here's my fave- with her being possessed by Fantasia Barrino:
  6. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    I loved the one with the apple in the nail salon.

    "That is for BUDDHA!"

    Who knew she's 40?!
  7. Her Ke$ha ones are hilarious.
  8. Ketchup/Cashew...
  9. She really is the Queen of Youtube. She never fails to make me laugh. One of my favourites was Avril Lavigne's What The "H. E. Double hockeysticks."

    Shut up! She's 40? I thought she was a lot younger.
  10. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Yup! She said in a video once that she is in her 40s.
  11. I couldn't believe that either when she said it. Time has been very good to her.

    While I'm her I would just like to say I stan for her mother too! I also love that Glozell's name is a mix between her parents, Gloria and Ozell.
  12. She's amazing.
  13. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's so put on, but I find her hilarious.
  14. I think she can border on obnoxious at times and is one of those people who seem funnier than they actually are.

    She's no Debra Wilson but her videos are enjoyable nonetheless.
  15. She needs to do a review of the Last Friday Night video already!
  16. Glozell and Kingsley are the queen and king of Youtube. I love her video on Rude Boy, Grenade and Whip My Hair!
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