Glüme - Main Character

Underrated "Italians Do It Better" treasure is coming back with a sophomore record on Valentine's Day 2023, which will include a Rufus Wainwright duet as well (Carly got there first, though!)

Buzz single was released on the "After Dark 4" compilation.

First proper single is premiering in a couple of days, it's called "Do Me a Favor".

Tagging my fave people who should also check out her debut, if they haven't by now.
@Jóga @Verandi @Andy French @RJF @Square

Oh, she means business, OK.


Quite a bit heavier and more electronic than I expected! Much poppier too. It's a bit huge, actually.
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The intro was such a complete lurch from what I expected it was giving trauma-flashbacks to fake-titled Limewire scams but when she pronounced "the moon" as "de mwooon~*" I figured it couldn't be anybody else, nn.
She seems really sweet and precious, and the fact she's doing all of this with chronic pain honestly makes me stan. I wonder when she'll leave the slightly cultish IDIB flock...