Glüme - Main Character

Finally got around to listening to this and it really is a fantastic album, and way more eclectic than I was expecting, especially coming from an Italians Do It Better artist. I was kinda expecting the whole thing to be along the lines of Flicker Flicker and Garden of Allah, with Do Me A Favor being the Big Pop Single, and that certainly wouldn't have been a bad thing, but the good sis has a lot of range. A shame this seems to be so slept on because I feel a lot of people in the forum would love it.
Nice to see that the album is mentioned on Rolling Stone's 'Best Albums of 2023 So Far' list.


'Main Character'
The second album from actress and wayward pop star Glüme (a.k.a. Molly Marlette) is as grandiose as its title might imply, with earworms like the anthemic “Do Me a Favor” and the twitchy “Dangerous Blue,” cameos from the likes of Rufus Wainwright and Sean Ono Lennon, and a string-laden intermission in which Glüme instructs listeners to enjoy the show. But it’s hardly indulgent; its songs are kept vibrant by Glüme’s playfulness, which is apparent on tracks like “Wedding Cake Shop,” a fever-dreamy collaboration with indie fantasists Of Montreal. —M.J.