Go Out, Stay Late, Vote in My Rate: The Little Boots Discography Rate: #1!


Welcome to The Little Boots Discography Rate! In my second rate we will, of course, be evaluating one of my favourite artists; Little Boots. After getting a taste for the pop spotlight from her former indie girl group Dead Disco, Boots made a break for stardom by sharing unique song covers on Myspace and Youtube and began to garner media attention. As her profile lifted, she was honoured with both a Critics' Choice nom at the BRIT Awards and of course, topped the BBC Sound of 2009 poll; spearheaded by industry experts and tastemakers. She crowned the poll ahead of fierce competition from names which have gone to their own sprawling careers; including Florence + The Machine, La Roux and Lady Gaga.

While her debut album Hands was received positively and earned her a UK top 5 upon its release in June 2009, the superficial pop sheen had worn thin for Boots and in subsequent years, she battled for freedom from beloved record label 679 in pursuit of her own artistic vision. After a couple of false starts, this was realised with the creation of her own record label On Repeat Records and the release of Nocturnes in May 2013. She followed this up with the Business Pleasure EP at the end of 2014 and her third LP, Working Girl, in July this year, with her love of pop music running through the veins of each release.

So where does that lead us?

The Rate & The Rules

Let's keep it simple:
  • You are to rate every song included in the rate, extras and all.
  • You are to rate every song from 0 - 10. Decimals are allowed, half marks are allowed etc etc.
  • You're allowed to give one song an elusive 11. Use it wisely!
  • Commentary is welcomed and encouraged! While not compulsory, your input can really help bring the rate to life.
  • Rate your 'best version' of the tracks. Whether you prefer 3 minute Stuck on Repeat or the 6 minute opus, submit the higher score as these tracks will be counted as one on the run-down. I'll link to both wherever appropriate.
I think that covers everything! If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to ask. And if I'm missing any songs, give me a heads up and I'll see what I can do.

The deadline for votes is 9th January.

Yes, you have the complete Christmas season to mull over your scores and compile your tomes of commentary.

And now for the songs!
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