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Going to the toilet during lessons.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Collette91, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. I'm a primary school teacher in the U.K (year 5). I don't let children go to the toilet during lessons. Would you have a problem with this rule as a parent?
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  2. I've always found it really odd when teachers don't allow kids to go to the toilet, especially as the students get older. I think it's kind of dehumanizing...
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  3. I think you should let them go but put a strike against their name or something for every time that they go. Then, if their grades slip or they miss something important (unlikely as they're going to be gone for five minutes) then you can show their parents how many times they go to the bathroom.

    I guess the issue with it is that once one kid is allowed to do it, then suddenly everyone else needs the bathroom and you can't say yes to some and no to others. It is a tricky one but you can't stop anyone from going to a bathroom. It's a crazy, horrible rule. Think of another way to deal with the issue.
  4. Once my mother came to my school and called the lady at the office a cunt because she wouldn't give me the key to the bathroom even though I was actually really sick and needed the bathroom.

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  5. Poor thing.
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  6. It's not good practice especially if the kids are under 10.
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  7. She was a cunt and deserved it.
  8. They are 9 and 10. They are old enough to plan their toilet breaks.
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  9. I was talking about you ddd
  10. How can you plan when you need the toilet?
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  11. Probably school policy.
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  12. Oh.

    It was actually really traumatic and also the day I was diagnosed with severe anxiety so I appreciate it.

  13. She was just having a power trip. The principal ended up getting involved because of the outburst in the office and she was reprimanded.

    Don't be that girl, let them use the toilet.
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  14. I do remind them to go at break. Surely it is no different to ensuring you go to the toilet before a long journey?
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  15. Kids have all kinds of issues about going to the toilet in public places though. If they have a 15 minute period to use the loo at breaktime, you're going to have some kids who are anxious about it and get lost in the mix. And Jesus, the school day is long for a 9 year old. Let them out for 5 minutes of alone time if they need/want it.
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  16. Ddd what? I'm 25 and I don't plan what time to urinate!

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  17. Yes, i’d have a problem with it.
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  18. What if they drank alot of juice/water on their breaks?
  19. If they have a medical note or tell me they are ill I let them go.
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