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Goldfrapp - Head First

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by magictreehouse, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Oh this video is fucking great! I've been unable to decide what I think of Rocket for the last few weeks but this might well have settled it. Perfect match of a song and video.
  2. Allison and the colours are nice, but the editing and the whole concept are terribly wrong. I think I saw the same lightning about 6 times? You can definitely tell the budget was low, very low
  3. Can't get it to play even in IE. Boo you whores.
  4. If the budget for this was anything more than the budget for 'Something Kinda Ooooh' I would be much surprised.

    Our very own Dennis, on Twitter, has hilariously suggested that the video clearly had "no budget" because Will ate it.
  5. Okay it worked. I think the video was nice enough. Lovely colours, Alison looks even more amazing and younger than ever. I like how their first videos always match the campaign artwork.

    I think if they'd tried to be any more adventurous with their budget it would have looked atrociously tacky.
  6. It finally worked for me too, there must have been something wrong for the Firefox users.

    I think the video is rather pretty, and they have handled the low-budget element quite well. But my concern is more or less always the same: what's the point of the pastiche and the irony? Irony can be interesting when there is something to ironise about, and/or when it's simply funny, I suppose. But I can't see either here at all. On the contrary, the 80's cliches only reinforce the anchorage of the song and highlight the anachronism of its production. (But to be honest that was predictable, and it's not really the main problem here.)
    The main issue is: we had an interestingly sweet song, talking about pain in an understated, soft, modest manner (which is why the song's production is so irrelevant, and sounds even more overblown and puffy that it doesn't fit the song's theme and melody). And now we have a video whose irony and badassness would suit Ooh La La much better. It's quite the same error they once made with Number One. I find it confusing, and again, I'd like Goldfrapp to give up on that kind of posture to propose something less pretentious, and more in tune with the sweetness and simplicity they are sometimes capable of. And I'd like to know what Dennis thinks about that.
  7. It worked for me instantly, and I have firefox.

    Again shitty place to debut a video though, I guess budget is really really tight so they probably are getting something out of the deal.

    That said I'm a bit underwhelmed by the video, Alison looks amazing, and it's really funny, I just wasn't expecting the editing to be that low budget (yes yes I know it goes with the 80s theme blah blah), especially because it took so long to make. But perhaps I should reserve my judgment till I see it in higher quality on you tube.
  8. It's like a mash-up of the new Gorillaz video and the new Gabriella Cilmi video but with a tenth of the budget. It's quite impressive what they've done since EMI probs gave them about 5p to do it with.

    Love how colourful it was.
  9. I love how the terms "low-budget video" and "Something Kinda Ooooh" have become the new "Hoover" and "vacuum", "Biro" and "Pen" or "Hornby" and "train-set".
  10. Love the video, realy good fun, felt bad for the guy all wrapped up though - he was a total goner from the start!

    Really obessed with the clips itunes clips for dreaming and hunt and the amazon clip for I wanna life makes it sounds like a great song!
  11. Love the video, it makes the song even more fun. Can't wait for the album at all now.
  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I like the video a lot but don't love it.

    The thing I dislike the most is the four dancers. They're so naff and "Ministry of Sound Presents Girls In Bikinis Volume 10".
  13. Great video!
  14. Totally reminded me of the misfire of the Number 1 video, too, erosoft. But, I, for one, loved all aspects of the song and saw it something very earnest. This just seems rushed and badl cartoonish. Instead of a very apt metaphor about impulsive, unexpected new love/paths of life ... it just comes off as some clunky, literal grrl power thing. But, then again, this is the same Goldfrapp that had Allison turning into a dog at a plastic surgeon's office in Number 1, so I'm not terribly disappointed.
  15. Yeahh the dancers were a bit huh? Apart from that, I loved it, once again pure Goldfrapp genius.

    Love the colors, the mummified ex, the rocket itself and Alison's facial expressions! And Will too, loved that!
  16. I love Alison trying to do a dance routine!
  17. I love how literal it is. Rocket, check. Really, that's all they needed.
  18. I think we finally have something obviously phallic for all the Goldfrapp fans. Don't mind it being literal, the only thing that I don't like is that I feel that the dancers could be a bit better and there could be more distinction from when Alison's singing to when she isn't. Otherwise I feel like she should be singing all the time in the video and then suddenly, wait...she's not, oh wait she is again.
  19. This video is nothing short of terrible. At least the Number 1 video had an element of sophistication. This is cheap and utterly diabolical.
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