Goldfrapp - Head First

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I too am confused about the dancers. But frankly the eyeliner and gloves were enough to keep me interested. I am not at all shallow.
tom-tom said:
This video is nothing short of terrible. At least the Number 1 video had an element of sophistication. This is cheap and utterly diabolical.

I strongly disagree. Allison could be given a half-dollar and still manage to look like the one-of-a-kind pop star she is.


WHY THE HELL? Are radio snubbing "Rocket"?? It's pissing me off. I wish they'd playlist Gabriella Cilmi aswell while their at it.
Great song. I dunno if it will flop but they've left it really late dropping the video and then like a week later the single.


1. Rocket
2. Rocket (Tiësto Remix)
3. Rocket (Richard X One Zero Remix)
4. Rocket (Penguin Prison Remix)
5. Rocket (Grum Remix)
This will be lucky to hit the top 40 with minimal radio support and no multi-buy formats… hope the album will sell big, though.
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