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Goldfrapp - Head First

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by magictreehouse, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. If they'd put an exclusive track on the CD single I'd have bought it. I definitely won't buy it for a load of drivelous remixes.
  2. Chart position .
    Give a fuck!
    It's not music for accountants.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It'd help if they didn't just put the video on a site that only works with Internet Explorer. In America. Is it on YouTube yet?
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

  5. It's sad. Fantastic song, terrible video, and terrible formats. But Goldfrapp is not a pop band.
  6. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Who says they're not a pop band? They can be whatever they want to be. I really like the video. It's fun and silly. I love it when she tries to feed her prisoner that crisp and then sticks her fingers up at them.
    Not sure about the token dancers though. They look like they've just come off the set of Calvin Harris' 'You Used To Hold Me' video.
  7. Rocket has additional production from Pascal Gabriel (Kylie, Little Boots, Ladyhawke, Marina...) That explains the similarities with some Ladyhawke songs.

    He co-produced some more songs on the album.
  8. HE DID NOT!!! Really? How did you find this out?
  9. "Pascal Gabriel has recently co-produced tracks for Goldfrapp's forthcoming album 'Head First' ... "

    "He co-wrote and produced three tracks on Marina & the Diamonds' hit début album The Family Jewels and has co-produced much of Goldfrapp's long awaited new album Head First, including the opening single Rocket."

    How did we not know this?
  10. I did not know any of the above either.

    Alison looks bloody amazing.
  11. I just found out yesterday. I thought Richard X was the only one who co-produced some tracks on Head First.

    Pascal's catalogue is just getting better and better.
  12. The man really *should* be in Greg Kurstin's league of in-demand producer-ness; ever since "No Better" and "Tightrope".

    I'm warming to the "Rocket" video a lot more now I bought the video off iTunes this morning and it's been played a few times.
  13. HMV have got the "Rocket" single for £4.99... surprised they're charging that much for it!
  14. Agreed. I have always wondered why he has not been thrown in that batch of a Kylie album again. He really is top notch.

    When I first heard Rocket, it sounded too polished for a Goldfrapp song (ever for a Supernature song) and I was wondering if there was a producer involved who it would be. What a pleasant surprise!!!
  15. This reminds me of Ladyhawkes back of the van and delirium, the video has simularies to delirium too/// jeeezze is it so hard to just be original these days.
  16. every remix is a masterpiece! wow!
  17. i love all the remixes, i think at one point, ive palyed them all on one of my nights!!!!!
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