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Goldfrapp - Head First

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by magictreehouse, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. I think a Goldfrapp 'Best of' would be very odd because each album is so different that it could sound like a complete mess. Anyway lets not as you say 'get ahead of ourselves'!
  2. That wouldn't entirely be a bad thing if it means we might get a proper DVD video collection with all their videos assorted in one bloody disc!
  3. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Or a BluRay!
  4. It sure is. Shame.
  5. I've decided I'm going to see Goldfrapp on tour this year, if they're doing one. I'm very excited, they'd break my concert virginity.

    I watch the 'Wonderful Electric - Live In London' DVD a lot. I watched the Black Cherry tour on Sunday, 'Utopia' and 'Twist' is stunning. Love the documentary as well.
  6. Weeping at this news. I love it!
  7. The last album has probably ruined their career, it was so wilfully destructive to the streak of hits they were getting beforehand, and I still think it's very uncommercial. But they need to do the songs they want. Now this is out and people are ignoring it. It's a shame.

    With luck they can come back and sell records. The fact this is being ignored is awful. I'm not sure about the Gaga thing but it's possible that people are getting from her what Goldfrapp used to give them. Possibly?
  8. Or it is major fuck up by Mute. Possibly?
  9. I doubt it. It's Goldfrapp and Mute have always served them faithfully in the past.
  10. Well, they cut off a lot of their budget for promotion of 'Seventh Tree' and even more for 'Head First'.
  11. String of hits? I really wouldn't say any Goldfrapp song other than Ooh La La can be considered a proper big hit. Aside from that single they only have two singles that barely scraped the Top10, one of them actually being from Seventh Tree...

    I think we really should wait and see how the album does because Goldfrapp and hit singles have never been a good match. It really is sad that they've been snubbed by Radio1 by that really has more to do with their new stupid policy rather than Goldfrapp themselves.
  12. This is true. Perhaps Goldfrapp feel bigger to me than they actually are - if that makes sense.
  13. I'd say they very much are a household name among music lovers and their album sales prove that. I guess that is mostly what their status depends on, not hit singles.
  14. How can something that's not been released be flopping?

    (This is the album thread.)
  15. I saw them on the Black Cherry tour and it made my year! I was ecstatic when they released a live DVD of it. Goldfrapp are such a good band to go and see. I didn't go and see them on the last tour but I fully intend to go this time round.
  16. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Ruined their career? It was their fastest seller in Europe and their most successful in America. What are you basing this statement on?
    I am gobsmacked radio 1 has played Rocket only once. I am pleased that BBC6 have championed it though.

  17. I saw them at the Albert Hall when they toured Seventh Tree. It was the most beautifull psychadellic wicker manesque experience ever. I would definitely reccomend them live, Alisons voice is incredible.
  18. Frankly, its nice to see a band follow their creativeness, rather than pander to what would sell records. Each Goldfrapp record stands on its own as a distinct project in my opinion, a defined era with its own influences and idea. They carry on a grand tradtion of great eccentric pop bands, they totally deserve to mentioned in the same breath as the Pet Shop Boys in my opinion.

    Considering the state of Radio 1 these days, its unsuprising that Rocket hasnt been playlisted (yet). XFM has been bumming it mind...
  19. Chart success and airplay isn't the be all and end all but it grinds my gears when such a fantastic British band seem to be being ignored. They should have jumped straight on Rocket while they were still wanking over Don't Stop Belevin. It would have been the perfect replacement on the playlist.

    I listen to Radio 1 quite a lot in the afternoons and Rocket would just sound glorious. This is criminal!
  20. Now now, this isnt a failure yet!!!!!!!!!

    Its still getting decent airplay across the commercial stations...
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