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Goldfrapp - Head First

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by magictreehouse, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Seventh Tree was their best album in my opinion, and A&E was their second most successful single in terms of chart run (8 weeks). So that's not a reason to blame the failure of Rocket, more like EMI cutting corners wherever it can.
  2. Or maybe 'Rocket' is just a little underwhelming and generic. Goldfrapp can do much better.
  3. That's true also, I was trying to defend Seveth Tree haha.
  4. Yes I know, it is a bit pricey. My copy arrived today and I have to say it's the worse packaging I have ever seen for a Goldfrapp single.....a very cheap thin card sleeve. Fortunately the remixes are quite listenable (if a little Bland). I wonder if we will be getting a second single if this does not do so well.
  5. Sorry for double post, but Rocket is now falling on the iTunes chart.
  6. This is bound to leak very soon... Only 12 more days until its release.
  7. Kirkland, I can't even quote you ... Gaga ... Ruined career? What do you think they should do ... Marry Ashley Cole?
  8. Erm, downbeat / trip hop --- > electropop ---> folk / singer-songwriter ----> 80's kitsch. Goldfrapp EPITOMISE jumping on bandwagons in a desperate attempt to sell records. Being mentioned in the same breath as PSB would be blasphemy.
  9. um.... except for the recent 80's sound, Goldfrapp have been very ahead of the time with all of their albums. They paved the way for the electro pop movement. And 'Felt Mountain' was QUITE an accomplishment.

    They didn't jump on any bandwagons post 'Head First.' They literally switched to down tempo folk because of all the new fans and attention they gained with the uptempo 'Supernature.' Goldfrapp are the epitome of NOT jumping on bandwagons and going in the opposite direction.

    Even now... We're straying from the 80's sound, and THAT's when Goldfrapp decide to do an 80's album. And their 80's influences aren't exactly what everyone else has been doing as of late. I mean, ABBA?

    Zeus... you always just have to argue with everyone, and I don't think you've ever been right. Not even once. I'm sorry, bud.
  10. It seems people don't understand the concept of bandwagon jumping.

    "to support something that is popular"

    Trip Hop was dead during the 2000s, Electropop has only gotten popular the last half of The Noughties, and I don't remember folk lighting up the charts during 2008 either.

    I can see why people think that Goldfrapp is jumping on the 80s bandwagon, but I think they're going for powerpop and less of the electropop that Little Boots and La Roux are doing.
  11. Well not really. Music? "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"? A decent portion of La Bextors debut? Kylie showing up on Top of The Pops with Casey Spooner?

    The electro pop movement was well and truly in the mainstream by the time Goldfrapp decided to jump on. They capitalised on the fact Kylie had made it mainstream. But all credit to them they suceeded in that, something the acts who really did pave the way struggled to do.
  12. I really wouldn't compare the genre of Kylie's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' to the stuff on 'Black Cherry' and 'Supernature.' At all.
  13. No and no. This is not 'electro'-pop, just pop and 'dance'-pop.
  14. It's a little weird to say that's what they were going for with each album. I mean, seriously there's much more deepness to the sound of 'Black Cherry' and 'Supernature' than plain electropop.

    And what about 'Felt Mountain'? I'll never call that trip-hop. It's not similar to Massive Attack or even Portishead, and it doesn't have any hip-hop influences.
  15. You said 'paved the way for the electro-pop movement' did you not? Was "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" not praised for taking it's cues from the current resurgance of cool electro acts the snotty music types wanked over? Did not the darlings of the electro scene suddenly become her best pals? Did not every electro act and his mother suddenly market their latest single as being a darker, dirtier version of "Can't Get You..." in an attempt to make it top 70? Were we not all so impressed by that Blue Monday mash-up at the Brits? And all a good 18 months at least before Goldfrapp showed up with their laptop.

    The were latecomers to the scene but there's no shame in that, they did what they did very well and like I said managed to capitalise on the mainstream success of electro-pop and connect with it in a way the likes of Fischerspooner, Ladytron etc who had been doing it for a good few years before never could.
  16. To my humble little ears, nothing in 'Black Cherry' sounds like 'Can't Get You Out of My Head', Fischerspooner or Ladytron or all of them put together in a blender (which would be amazing).

    I don't think Goldfrapp were late at any party.
  17. I never said they did 'sound alike'. They had their own style (if you ignore Depeche Mode and Siobhan Fahey/Shakespeares Sister ever existed) and gave it their stamp but they never for one minute paved the way for the electro pop movement. They played within what had already been paved for them. That isn't a bad thing at all, that's how some of the best music is produced.
  18. Why is it taking so long to leak??
  19. Q.


    Because the promos are so-said watermarked and some people still believe those things work.
  20. As I started reading this page and saw trip-hop mentioned I started formulating answer. It even had "there's nothing -hop about FM" in it. All for nothing.

    Chamber-pop as this guy ( suggested? Chamber-poptronica?

    In general their output is very euro-centric. Which leads to

    "Speaking of the score itself, Utley noted it features “medieval tonality” mixed with the guitars and electronics. He then predicted, it would also “probably feed into the creativity of both of us in the future, with things that we might do with our bands.”

    Forget 90's revival, 900's revival will be next big thing. Or combination of both. In my head it sounds..enigmastic
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