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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye (2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. A penis on the front of Head First, a vagina on the front of Felt Mountain. Your faves could never. Unless your fave was Tori Amos.
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  2. Are we all forgetting the giants cocks on Supernature's artwork?

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  3. I’d really love a new album.
  4. To celebrate the ‘Seventh Tree’ vinyl re-release, ‘Happiness’ is up next in our rollout of HD music video re-grades from the Goldfrapp

  5. Why have I only just found out it's an homage to this?! Bad fan.

  6. Ohhhhhhh. That also explains this bizarre opening number from the Tony Awards years ago.

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  7. I'm still gutted we never got a proper release of this:

  8. New(?) rather HQ and rather great picture from the Seventh Tree era, from the Twitter account

  9. I think Alison looked completely stunning for the Seventh Tree shoot. That imagery is amazing.
  10. When and if they decide to wrap things up permanently, they should release a large-format career-spanning art book. Seriously.
  11. With a limited edition bonus CD of 'You Never Know (live)'.
  12. I will personally go to her doorstep and blast a playlist consisting entirely of Head First tracks interspersed with their remix of Judas.
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  13. But first they need to release at least one more album. Please.
  14. A short film by Lisa uses Tigerman for its sountrack. Article and video are here.

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  15. More HQ pics, even though the photos were previously released.


    A photoshoot!
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  16. That first one is stunning. I can't believe it's coming up to a year since the tour was cancelled (and depressingly waiting on the email to say it's being delayed by yet another year...)
  17. I remember being really pleased at the full year pushback. The idea that it wouldn't happen then either didn't even enter my head.

    Third time lucky, I guess.
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  18. Alison posted a picture on her Instagram stories today, saying she’s back in the studio. But it’s all very early stages, seemingly.

    Still! New material is on the horizon. Hooray!

    (To be honest - and I don’t know why, because Goldfrapp has never hinted at pulling the plug or anything, as far as I recall anyway - I was really quite surprised? But also very pleased, of course.)

  19. Same. I guess I wouldn't have been surprised if they announced they were hanging everything up, so very nice to hear they're back in the studio -- assuming it is the two of them and not Alison working on some side project.
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  20. Has Alison ever really done any major project without Will? They work so perfectly together.
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