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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. According to Alison, their new seventh studio album gonna be out early 2017.
    So lets start a conversation.

    I ADORE each album of Goldfrapp.
    Yes even the kitsch-80s-inspired Head First!

    Which sound would you want them to dive into? Expectations or guesses?
  2. FUCK YES.

    I wonder what direction they're going in this time - not that it particularly matters because they're so good at everything and I'll end up loving it regardless. I seem to remember someone theorizing that it could be more '60s/ye-ye inspired.
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  3. POP ELECTRONIC FUCKERY signed by Goldfrapp.
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I want a music video like Paris Hilton's 'Come Alive' from them please and thank you.
  5. I really wouldn't mind a homogenization of Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree. They do atmospheric chamber-pop so well.

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  6. kal


    I'll always be here for them. Their last two albums were not really my cup of tea but I still found several songs on each of them that are exceptional.

    Looking forward to more info.
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  7. I'm not ready. After Tales of Us something bright and poppy would be nice, though I agree that it's probably gonna be great either way. Everything they touch turns to gold, I mean I even hold Head First in high regard.
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  8. Always here for new Goldfrapp. Felt and Cherry remain their essential albums for me but Tales had some beautiful moments and I love half of Seventh Tree. And yes that includes Happiness!

    Also Yellow Halo = heaven

    Head First went wrong because it just felt very much 'will this do' and by-numbers. I still enjoy Rocket but let's face it, it was just Ooh La La with some Van Halen synths.

    They are always at their best when they surprise so I can't wait to find out what the direction is. Fingers crossed. And they are sublime live so here's to a tour!
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  9. Hopefully they'll reissue vinyls of Black Cherry, Supernature and Seventh Tree with this era!
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  10. But wasn't Tales of Us exactly that for you?
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  11. In before the "ew it doesn't have beats!" argument. Also, ready for a track featuring Róisín Murphy.
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  12. Head First is amazing and it's in the upper half of their discography.More like Hunt,Shiny and Warm and Dreaming would leave me breathless.
    That's all.
  13. Yeah but Goldfrapp's discography doesn't really have a lower half, does it?

    Although I've never warmed to Felt Mountain. Excommunicate me.
  14. Seventh Tree is just sleep inducing sometimes.
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  15. They are one of my all time favorite bands and I could not be more excited. While I still feel that Seventh Tree will always be my favorite, I would love an upbeat album this time. Something along the lines of Black Cherry would be amazing but I'm honestly down for anything they give us.
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  16. I adore absolutely everything they ever did, I legit got teary eyed reading this announcement!

    Both their uptempo and downtempo stuff are amazing, and although I tend to lean more torwards the latter, I feel like this album will be a more upbeat affair. Alison is probably itching to get a groove on!
  17. My favourite two albums by them have already been bashed and we're only on page 1. This will be exciting.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'd love to see them go back to more uptempo. They really are one of the most versatile acts around, so I'm just perched for whatever.
  19. I think the sound I want them to try more is a mix of Seventh Tree with more trip-hop modernity. Take the psychedelic and lush songs from ST like "Clowns" and "Cologne Cerrone Houdini" and then mix in some Since I Left You style trip hop and a maybe a really drenched-reverby "Strawberries" by Asobi Seksu. Fuck that was heady, I'm not on LSD, honest.

  20. I want late 70s krautrock / new wave, very analog, very European, minimal in the sense that the choruses develop themselves rather than overwhelmingly obliterate themselves on the listener, the overall colour scheme should be prussian blue / white, 10 songs and with a slow, sensual cover of either this:

    Or this:

    (But retitled 'Girls Keep Swinging', bringing an extra layer to this being a true transgender anthem)

    Oh, and b-sides would be nice.
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