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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. This album turned out to be a disappointment for me. I turned out to be a disappointment for some of you, I know.
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  2. To be honest I can't believe how they still can release stuff of such a magnificent quality. I love their every album but I think on this one there is not a single track I have issues with.

    "Anymore" is my single of the year so far.
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  3. No, I'm with you on this one. Silver Eye is most definitely their least interesting album. Not bad by any means - just less distinctive and a bit of a drag outside of the basic by their own standards bops.

    At least it gave us Become The One, which I'd rank as one of their best songs ever.
  4. I saw them during the Tales of Us tour, it was all strings so it was really intimate, the only issue was it was July so the cathedral was boiling hot, everyone was fanning themselves all the way through.
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  5. I don't really listen to it anymore, too many slow songs in the middle, the last 2 tracks are great though.
  6. Also Tales of Us took ages to click with me, but after it did it it turned out to be one of their finest works in my eyes. It's just so perfect. I'm rarely in the mood to listen to it all the way through, but when I am I live.
  7. I think Supernature and Tales of Us are my favorites actually. One has the bops and one has the beauty.
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  8. But what about the girl who can do both.

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  9. I haven't listened to Silver Eye in a bit either. I'm hopeful that it will have legs though - at this point after Tales of Us' release I'd written it off almost entirely, and now I go back to it all the time.

    Kind of a bad sign that whenever I try to remember how "Ocean" goes I end up remembering "Hunt."
  10. So is there a setlist for their upcoming performances?
  11. I agree, Ive not gone back to this album much since it was released. I loved seeing them live back in March but after that I sort of moved on.
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  13. For me Silver Eye is still in my Top 5 albums of the year.
    The new songs were incredible live and the album gets more addictive on every listen.
    Ocean is one of their best songs... ever.
  14. They were amazing live. The songs sounded good. I enjoyed the album but... nothing really got me that excited.
  15. I've only ever been a casual fan since the beginning, went to a couple of their Tales of Us shows and enjoyed it despite never properly "getting" that album. Their level of professionalism and the endearing stage presence Alison has is enough to keep your attention anyway.

    They were also an unexpected highlight at Glastonbury. I know it was a bit more hit heavy than a normal show (and they were running behind due to sound issues so some songs were cut) but the new songs came alive with all their classic bangers.
  16. "Everything Is Never Enough" video coming September 7th.
  17. I thought that the next video will be for "Ocean".
  18. Yeah, I'm definitely with the people on here who were a little disappointed with the album in the end. I haven't had the urge to go back to it much since it's release. Head First is the only other Goldfrapp album I've had this with. They're both still enjoyable 8/10 albums, but I became obsessed with all their other releases, either when they came out or not long after. Silver Eye just doesn't have anything essential about it.
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  19. Seriously. They were secretly everywhere.
  20. Same. Tales of Us might be my least played frapp album though.
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