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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. One of the best of the year (both album and the new video).
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  2. He


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  3. I believe Goldfrapp are now in at least Top-5 in number of naked asses featured in music videos
  4. It would be nice if they released that edit of Everything Is Never Enough.
  5. Probably with some remixes?
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  6. Totally ready for Oompa Radar to WIN and CRUSH and DESTROY the competition
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  7. I was actually thinking about calling it OOMPA RATER.
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  8. Horse Tears better be in top 10.
  9. I'm legitimately gonna start working on write-ups now, because I ALWAYS seem to run out of time for these rates.
  10. Whaaat. I NEED to participate in that rate, like, yesterday. Eat Yourself for the win or I'm calling bullshit on the whole rate, though.

    (Meanwhile, Voicething - their only bad song, so every other elimination will feel like a vital organ being cut out - will perish in the flames of my unrelenting hatred for it.)
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  11. YouTube embed cause nobody posted it.

    I didn't remember this song being this good?
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  12. Come for the bops and stay for the butt. And then cum for the butt too.
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  13. Are you Infant Annihilator fan?
  14. No time to fuck
    But you like the rush
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  15. Meh, it's well shot, but there's no 'there' there. Which seems to be a common theme for this campaign. I miss Lisa's direction.

    Also, I never understand why women of a certain age willingly wear wide-brimmed black hats like that (see: Madge in Give It 2 Me), it ends up looking so witchy. Though maybe that was the intention with Alison this time around.

    I do agree with Noir, though, this is one of those songs that improves with a decent accompanying visual.
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  16. That's not the first time Alison has worn a wide brimmed black hat, see photoshoots and interviews from around the Supernature era. I think the hat is pretty classy looking myself.
  17. "Witchy" is kind of the theme of the album though.
  18. The hat lqqk is very new romantic. I dig it.
  19. 39-year-olds?
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