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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Ray


    "I'm 160" – Madonna
  2. I'm going to see them live in Berlin in mid-October. It's going to be my first (and maybe last?) Goldfrapp show. Can't wait to hear Ocean live and LOUD.
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  3. L: What other, better paying jobs they could have?

    S: They could become teachers?
    Actually if you want to risk your sanity, that's gonna be a no

  4. OK but then WHY are they not coming to east coast North American! I need to see them one last time if they are going to be done with touring!
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  5. Bought tickets to see them in Glasgow...more out of panic than anything else.
  6. I wondered if that post would prompt people buying out of panic. I almost bought tickets too but I've spent too much on vinyl recently.
  7. I mean as far as touring being tiring, I'd be fine with Queen Al recording witch bops in her drawing room in her 70s and just chucking them out online with no tour and no videos. The question is if that is profitable enough because we all know artists make their money touring.
  8. By next album where will be technology to tour holographically from living room
  9. I love Biophilia
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  10. Didn't M.I.A. do this already.
  11. Would you say at the concert she was... MIA?
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  12. I saw them live for the first time in my life last night in Berlin and what can I say, except that Alison rocked the house, the sound was kickass and the setlist couldn‘t have been better! Well, that‘s a lie, I missed at least one song from Head First.

    Funny (or not so funny) story: Alison told the crowd that she and her band mates tried to get into Berghain around Sunday noon which is usually a good time to get in but they were rejected at the door. Hilarious. I mean, seriously Berghain bouncers? They probably had no idea who she was and thought they‘re just another bunch of tourists.
  13. Systemagic would've been a much better first single.
  14. After gig they entered Berghain, as Alison wrote on Instagram today in the morning.

    One of my best Goldfrapp's gig in my life. Voicething intro was such a surprise.
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  15. Oh. Good to know, I didn‘t see that on instagram.
  16. I've been enjoying Tales of Us a bit more than I did the first time around. Annabel is lovely.
  17. It came on in the club last night (thanks, jukebox) and I’ve never danced so hard in my entire life; sweat was POURING.

    Chicago’s “Berlin” had a ‘Goldfrapp night’ in Feb ‘12 and the crowd went absolutely bonkers to a bulk of their uptempos. I remember in particular “Shiny & Warm” and “We Radiate” going off.
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