Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

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I like the new artwork, but...
The original album artwork is way better and the album itself was one of the best of that year for me.
I just don't really see the point of this re-release at all.
The packaging is attractive... but content wise it could have been so much more.
Yeah, usually deluxe versions have more album tracks. I am sorry but I do not want some remixes or a new version of an existing track. I still can't believe that there is no new song on this new release.
I love them so much, but for some reason this flopfrapp reissue has made me feel like stepping off the train. Can I stop, oh, off the train?
I never really got appreciated Silver Eye that much, but the reissue has me reappraising it and for that I’m pleased.

But mainly I’m ecstatic for the version of Oceans with Dave Gahan... why is every Goldfrapp/Mode item so terrific? Their mixes of ‘A Pain that I’m used to’ and ‘Halo’ bloody wonderful too.

Can they just do a collaborative album next... if only.
I got the deluxe edition for my birthday. The bonus disc really is such a missed opportunity. There's actually nothing wrong with any of the remixes, but none of them are wildly different from the originals and because it's just the same three songs it gets very samey and hard to tell them apart.

I know the bonus disc on Felt Mountain contained previously released material too but at least there was a better range of songs and remixes.
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