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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Tigerman:

    Sounds like a bit of a non-event, but maybe the second half is more interesting.
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  2. (With better music hopefully)
  3. Anymore, Systemagic and Ocean seem to be the big bangers on the album and we already have two of them, so I think I'd rather get see what the other, slower side of the album will be like. Hoping it comes today, because if they leave it a few days it'll probably leak before then.
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  4. Yes, those three are the more uptempo ones. "Everything is Never Enough" is another one, I find the beat to be similar to "Believer", but less euphoric.
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  5. Amazon shows back cover of Silver Eye.
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  6. Finally I get to hear Tigerman again! I didn't like the snippet at first but weeks later it started playing in my head on repeat. I love it! I've waited so long to hear that wide open mountain range synth in the chorus again. This made my day! Thank you!
  7. I made a fan cover with the poster image, as some people seem to prefer it Silver Eye fan cover.jpg
  8. Just heard it for the first time live and I was so right! FIRE. Weave evaporated into condensation
  9. Nothing from this album has excited me so far. Anymore was tepid and Ocean is some Hans Zimmer-ish white noise. Hoping there's a good amount of variation between tracks and it's not all just moaning over a bunch of crunchy electro noises.
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  10. Are you generally a Goldfrapp fan?
    If not, that might explain why...Otherwise perhaps they are just heading in a direction at odds with your tastes. Everything so far has been brilliant, structured and complex to these ears but I see what your saying.

    Hope the album wins you over!
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  11. I definitely see what Rainbow Trousers is saying. I've been a fan for pretty much their entire output, but I'm not crazy about these two songs. The melodies aren't that great and the production is darker and noisier than their previous stuff. The usually brilliant songwriting seems to have been sacrificed for mood.
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  12. I obsess over them - have all the physicals, been through all the eras, etc. I can't vouch for the complexity of either track as my ear isn't musically trained but both just seem to...meander. But then I also decided Tales of Us was my favorite Goldfrapp album so I'm probably not one to talk about what is / isn't exciting.
  13. That's what I heard a lot of people say about Tales of Us, and it ended up being my favorite album they've made.
  14. To be honest, I'm not loving the new tracks as much as I thought I would, but some of the previews of the other songs sound great, which is why I'm so curious to hear them in full. The lead singles (on their upbeat albums) are never the best tracks for me, so I'm fine with it.
    Of course just because your a fan does not mean you have to love everything they put out. If people weren't allowed to feel this way then that makes the genuine praise they receive redundant.
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  16. Oh my god. I am so ready for this album. I'm not listening to much of the live performances as to not spoil it, but Become The One is THAT song from this album for me. Jesus.
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  17. I'm relieved to see other people aren't loving the new songs so far. These songs are kind of leaving me cold and I'm someone who might name Goldfrapp as my favourite group of the last 15 years or so. I like the heavier synths and the atmospherics but the songs just aren't there. Anymore is missing that killer chorus and Oceans just doesn't have a strong enough melody. I hope that the other songs are stronger. Tales Of Us was incredible record that has become my second favourite after Black Cherry. I've always found it easy to embrace their change in direction because they never lost site of the songwriting and what made them so essential. This time round, I'm starting to get a bit worried. I'm not expecting a disaster, I am starting to think this might be more of a Head First situation though. A good album that's far away from their very best work.
  18. I agree with all of that...except for the Head First comment. Say what you like about it, but at least it had extremely strong pop melodies!
  19. Ah!
    I totally get that. To be honest, I thought the same way just a bit when these premiered (at least ocean), and I have a feeling the album will be really challenging for my personal tastes but I've really learned to adore all their output. From how cohesive this album sounds I really think it will be a treat when we have the whole thing.

    Anymore was kind of instant though...but Ocean has taken some time to unravel itself to me.
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