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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. I am crying and can't wait for this album anymore. Black Cherry-esque sound makes me so emotional.
  2. I legit almost considered skipping school to listen to this all day.
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  3. kal


    Okay this is a 3/3 so far. I want the album NOW.
  4. Fantastic song.
  5. OK, so that's a bit better ... Anymore was a bit 'by the numbers' and Ocean suffers from Depeche Mode syndrome but Moon In Your Mouth is excellent ... I'm hoping the disconnected rhthym isn't something to do with the Youtube video and is still there come the final mix on the cd as it works so well and makes the vocal, synth and strings soar in comparison ... A solid 10/10 for the latest track ...
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  6. I hope they do a performance or two on Jools Holland!
  7. Can this leak already!
  8. It's getting cruel

  9. Moby-ed beyond repair
  10. I understand everyone is eager to listen to it but would it not be refreshing for a Goldfrapp album to actually remain a mystery until release day? Given the unfortunate leaks of past albums, it would be lovely if we all experienced it together next Friday.
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  11. I totally know what you mean, but...nah.
  12. It had been refreshing for up until the last week, now it's just torture, especially seeing that a lot of people already have the album, so there will be no experiencing-it-together stuff.

    However, wouldn't it be nice if the album leaked tonight and everyone here got completely scalped and teary-eyed because we can't wait we can't wait anymore (sorry for the constant usage, but I forbid myself to listen to anything else until the album)? The album will nevertheless go down as "the one that didn't leak before we knew its title" anyway.
  13. I'd be more than happy for this to happen if they'd scheduled their warm up tour a couple of days after the release, not before. personally I just don't really enjoy hearing new material at gigs that much, well I do but you know what I mean.
  14. Look at it this way.

    It's already tomorrow in Australia and New Zealand! One week left!

    [/clutching straws]
  15. WOW. Think i just died and went to heaven.

  16. This is definitely a Goldfrapp album for people who like songs like Forever, Black Cherry, Deep Honey, Let It Take You, Time Out For The World and Hunt. I thought there were going to be lots of bangers on here based on Anymore, but there really aren't. After a few plays, I think this is a really solid 8/10. I thought Tales Of Us was very close to being perfect. This is a lesser Goldfrapp album like Supernature or Head First, but it's still very enjoyable. Incredible production and plenty of highlights. There just aren't that many surprises on here. I think people will enjoy it, I'll be surprised if anyone rates it up there with their very best work.
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  17. That literally sounds like the album I've always wanted from them.

  18. It's so fucking insulting the way [the majority of?] reviewers position Alison as just the voice of Goldfrapp as though it's inconceivable that she also co-writes and produces everything with Will. Not that there's anything remotely wrong with "just" being a vocalist -- especially when you sing as bewitchingly as Alison does, but still... it's amazing how regressive so many music journalists are.
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  19. I'm no longer listening to any other songs from the album. I want to be surprised.

    I'm very here for anything that sounds like a cross between Slippage and Hunt. Or Dreaming and Slide In.
  20. So, so true. In 2017 especially, it's really quite grim.
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