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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. That review doesn't say anything like that...? He mentions her vocals, doesn't dismiss her as just a vocalist...
  2. "New" photo appeared on Facebook page:
  3. I won't listen to the leak or whatever. It's always more satisfying to wait.

    and I got Head First on vinyl for a tenner.
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  4. Love this!!

  5. I think that's an exceedingly generous take. He isn't dismissive of her, but he doesn't even credit her as Will's fellow musician/composer/arranger/producer. Here's the passage in question:

    Set opener “Anymore” promises interesting things, its cold and metallic sound propelled with a subliminal house beat that brings to mind Death In Vegas’s recent collaborations with Sasha Grey, while “Tigerman” plays like a spaced-out electro torch song. However, as one tune flows into another, Alison Goldfrapp’s breathy and floaty vocals, paired with Will Gregory’s cold and stand-offish sounds and ambient washes, feel noticeably in need of a decent tune to engage the listener.

    Translation: Alison is the voice, Will makes all the music. Why are the "sounds" and "washes" solely Will's? This happens constantly in reviews of their work -- as Madge said -- look it up.
  6. No Tigerman tonight and Anymore had to be restarted as I can only assume a mini power cut - all sound cut out followed by the lights, was sorted within 20 seconds though!
  7. Studio versions of Tigerman and Systemagic have leaked.
  8. kal


    Oh shit, it's happening.

    I'm not gonna download them.
  9. I'm not really feeling Tigerman yet, but Systemagic is pretty good!
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  10. Systemagic is really, really doing it for me! It's the closest to the Black Cherry/Supernature sound and melodies so far!
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  11. Oh man. I really like both, but, HOLY SHIT SYSTEMAGIC. Instantly joins the ranks of massive bangers they simply must do live for the rest of their lives now. Huge, huge, huge song. Totally floored.
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  12. I just want to lay on a red-velvet chaise lounge and stare morosely but sultry out into space while listening to 'Moon In Your Mouth'.
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  13. 'Systemagic' is an orgasmic Strict Machine sequel
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  14. Ummmmm wow LOVE systemagic!!
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  15. I don't recall being blown away by tigerman when they performed it live.
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  16. A bit late, but Moon In Your Mouth is so fucking slick. This album is turning out the be the Goldfrapp I have missed for so many years.
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  17. I haven't heard the full Tigerman, but I remember being underwhelmed by the snippet of it. Its a shame people are saying its not so great.

    I'm trying to either wait for a full leak or for my vinyl to arrive/download to activate.
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  18. I've gone from being disappointed with the new songs, to being utterly obsessed with them. Cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!
  19. Glad you've come around! Ocean has very quickly become one of my favorite song of theirs along with Deer Stop, Black Cherry, Eat Yourself and Thea.
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