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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. It really is *stunning*. Definitely right up there with their best songs.
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  2. I'm glad to see Eat Yourself is someone else's favourite. It's absolutely divine and yet it very often gets ignored.
  3. Eat yourself is fantastic, I though everyone enjoyed it!
  4. Eat Yourself has one of the most poignant vocal performances ever done by Alison. And her heartbreaking delivery is beautifully contrasted and complemented by that soaring bridge. Seventh Tree as a whole album is an absolute perfection made to be enjoyed in the nature by the lake, sweating in the summer haze and dreaming your life away.

    I also noticed another negative review today, its main point being that they are repeating themselves, that the whole nature thing has got boring and that songs pulsate without going anywhere. I can't judge (SINCE THE FUCKING ALBUM WON'T LEAK EVEN THOUGH HALF OF IT IS OUT IS THIS REALLY BETTER THAN HAVING THE WHOLE THING AT ONCE OH MY GOD), but I've noticed that it's almost become a trend with their albums - they get so many mixed reviews when they come out, most of those seemingly written in five minutes by someone who doesn't even know shit about the band itself (so they label Alison as the voice and Will as the production mastermind behind it, as @HorseTears pointed out). Then, when the next album comes, reviewers point out that the previous albums were much better and that the new one is trying to revive the magic behind one of them. Eventually, after seven fucking albums, you realize that the only thing about Goldfrapp that could be considered repetitive is the reviews they're getting.
  5. Nothing remotely bad to say about Systemagic and Tigerman, I'm in love with them both.

    Systemagic is just addictive, that woozy synth on the chorus being the best possible touch. Yes it's a sucessor to Strict Machine, but the production is different, there's no S and M or glamour here.

    Tigerman is beautiful and eerie and enveloping. A great example of a song that without any strong hooks or a chorus still manages to burrow itself into your brain. The ''Hunt'' vibe here is strong
  6. Can't wait to hear these two.. time goes by so slowly
  7. I think Alison's actually done herself disservice by mentioning Black Cherry and Supernature in the press release and interviews. For these ears anyway it's sounds like a whole new territory for Goldfrapp.
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  8. I agree I keep using Black Cherry and Supernature as a point of reference when listening to the songs I've heard.. and to me there maybe very small similarities but they are completely different than what has been done on any of their previous albums..
    I never can get enough!
  10. I fucking LOVE Moon In Your Mouth. It's so spacey, ethereal, shimmering. Just gorgeous.
  11. I'm completely obsessed with Tigerman. The drum pattern is so hypnotizing, and the way it just builds, and builds... totally fits the motif of "ascending the moonlit hills" mentioned in the song. Hands down my favorite song of the 5 we've heard so far. I literally got goosebumps listening to it.

    So far all 5 have been winners for me, but Tigerman is a top 10 all time Goldfrapp for me.
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  13. I feel like this album is doing an excellent job of encompassing all of their work, right down to even their most obscure tracks. Tigerman instantly reminded me of the amazing All Night Operator. Systemagic is a perfect fit for a trilogy that includes Strict Machine and Ooh La La, without sounding like a cheap imitation of either songs. Honestly, loving everything.
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  14. Watching on the red button. So nice to be reliving the gig from Tuesday.
  15. Listening on BBC Player. Dreaming sounds sublime.
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  16. They preformed 'Everything is Never Enough' and 'Become the One', The new songs are so good!
  17. 'Moon In Your Mouth' is stunning. Take me to your planet, Queen.
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  18. Why isn't it next Friday? I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE.
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  19. The BBC 6 show has me perched as the kids would say - the new songs click after the first listen. It feels very analogue and old school synth in a kind of 1970s way, the sound reminds me of the Boards Of Canada for some reason.
  20. Did anyone get tickets for the Somerset house gig? I was online at 9am on the dot and it said 'no tickets that match your search' and then suddenly it's sold out. Ridiculous!
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