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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Full gig to watch (UK only link).

    Why did Ocean sound so muted during the chorus? Where is that sledgehammer impact?

    The Slide In performance was so good! It's very refreshing to see them doing an older album cut that isn't You Never Know or Paper Bag.

    HOOOOOOOLY SHIT, Everything Is Never Enough is that anthem. That ending is so euphoric! I hope it becomes a setlist staple on future tours, such a feel-good moment.
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  2. So far the music's great for this era, but I guess it won't be the era for kick-ass shoes. Where are your platforms and stilettos, Alison?
  3. She's 50. And also it's not like she's in a basic shoe, she was wearing freaking thigh high red latex boots.
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  4. Wait she is 50???
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  5. I got tickets via the presale on the Thursday. Sorry you didn't.
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  6. Good on you! I would have thought with Somerset house being a large venue it would have taken a while to sell, but obviously not. Oh well, hopefully there'll be a proper tour up north later in the year. I was already in London that weekend for the Killers and it would have been perfect for the Sunday. Never mind.
  7. I know plenty of 50 year old woman (and men) who wear sky-high heels.

    She was wearing boots? I thought they were trousers. The cape/caftan thing was great! I adore Alison's style, heels or not.
  8. Alison is a gorgeous alien sex goddess at any age. I adore her.
  9. Yes.
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  10. born 13 May 1966, so almost not 51... anymore
  11. Meanwhile, according to Rolling Stones, MIYM is "upbeat EDM song" by "electro-clash" duo
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  12. Lol.. I saw that headline! Obviously they did not listen to the song nor do they know anything about Goldfrapp!! Lol
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  13. I really, really hope the CD arrives on or before Friday. I need this by next weekend!
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  15. Why are they like this.
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  16. Maybe not a lot of people have heard it, but how is everyone not absolutely fawning over tigerman?

    It's the slow building euphoria we've been gagging for since tiptoe.
  17. There's always twickets, getmein etc... I actually got my Oxford ticket to see them last week as a resale.
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  18. I'll have a look closer to the time, but I won't pay inflated prices.
  19. How is it "building" if there's no payoff?
  20. Granted, there's no big climax like in their older electronic material, but the way the drums harmonize with those synths is pretty euphoric. I also think that it's one that gets better with further listening - there's just a lot going on there. Although Goldfrapp could do an album of one moogy-space synth track that moves at glacial pace and i would probably be in my element.
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