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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Fairly sickened that it still hasn't leaked in full.

    Having said that, it's fab that we still have half the album left to hear!
  2. I hope they eventually include the other three tracks in their setlists, or at least perform them on TV.
    One of my biggest pet peeves is when a song doesn't have ANY live performances (I'm looking at you, Forever).
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  3. I'm dying to listen to Zodiac Black and Faux Suede Drifter.
    Counting on a leak before Thursday...
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  4. Moon In Your Mouth is amazing. That is all.
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  5. Everytime this thread gets bumped my heart skips a beat because I think it has leaked.
    This is not healthy.
  6. This morning I woke up, finally got over the anger and started laughing hysterically, having realized that a fucking Goldfrapp album is out in four days, its vinyls already delivered, has over 20 reviews online, and still doesn't want to leak for the love of Christ.
    No matter how the quality of the album itself turns out, they get the last laugh with this one.
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  7. pdf


    Viagogo have royally fucked up my tickets so I WON'T be seeing them at the Roundhouse tonight. Avoid Viagogo people!
  8. On my way to London for tonight's gig! I'm massively excited. Can't wait to hear the new tracks live and lose my wig to Train and Strict Machine.
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  9. The Silver Eye Leak Diaries, Chapter LVII:

    Another week begins, the dawn creeping through my closed windows being the only signal that Monday has come; my right hand has developed muscle memory to the point that the middle finger can hit F5 at a 750 per minute speed. The colostomy bag has to be emptied since Friday, and the amphetamine supply is running out, but I must not leave the room, not yet, while Exystence, Funkysouls, Israbox, and Nodata.TV can be refreshed a few thousand more times like a Christian ascetic praying for rain in the Egyptian desert, not resting until the honeyed tones of Silver Eye descend upon my suffering ears. End transmission.
  10. Silver Eye, winner of Amelia Earhart Award
  11. Tantric music is the new thing. I hear Sting's into it.
  12. This reads like something that could've been in BUTT Magazine. Or PBS.
  13. All this anger and wailing (hyperbole or not) over the fact that it hasn't leaked early is creepy and entitled and exhausting. There's other media to consume while you wait.
  14. I hope this has bomb packaging and a really lush booklet.
  15. I have bad feeling it will be just poster.
  16. I'd deal better with waiting if snippets hadn't leaked and they didn't already release 3 songs + perform other 3 live. This drip-feed is what's making me anxious, the cat is out of the bag, I just want to listen to the whole thing as a piece already. It's not "entitlement" at all. "Other media" is not Goldfrapp. I don't act like this with every release by every artist, but it's been 4 years and they're my second favorite musical act.

    Of course, I could have just not listened to those previews and live songs, but that's a bit of an unrealistic/impossible task for many.
  17. Jesus, chill out.
  18. People are just excited. Anticipation does strange things to the human mind.

    *Switches tab to my Google search for Goldfrapp "Silver Eye" past 24 hours sorted by most recent and smashes F5*
  19. It's a few days' wait, at this point (and I mean… they announced the album in January, the wait was short to begin with). There's no need to keep whining about it. They're not Robyn or Sky Ferreira, where the hysteria might be warranted.

    Also, nothing says entitlement like saying "I deserve to hear an album before the date the creator set for the release of said music… because a digital store made a mistake."
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  20. "I need this to leak" is common on any music forum as a way of saying "I'm extremely excited."

    I don't wish for it to leak, but since most things do, I absolutely do want to hear it as early as possible.
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