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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. That sounds almost as good as putting "Slippage" to Fellini's Juliet of the Spirits.
  2. Me telling everyone within shouting distance to go listen to Silver Eye:

    That's actually awesome! Call me.
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  3. That's a very interesting perspective, and I'm pleased for your increase in self-sexiness. Being nearly hairless I whould have never thought about that.
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  4. We're more Faux Suede kinda gals.
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  6. The Singles (2012)
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  7. You would actually expose someone to the single mixes of Ride A White Horse and Strict Machine?

    I won't even lie about this, I think The Singles was truly the most superfluous piece in their discography. The only good thing about it were Melancholy Sky and Yellow Halo. And Goldfrapp are hardly a band that should, out of all the things they've done music-wise, take most pride in their singles.
  8. Their singles are all incredible though? I missed some that I felt should have been included (they don't have THAT many, put them all on there for heavens sake), but it's a solid collection.
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  9. I love this album so much. I can't get "Systemagic" out of my head.
  10. W2K


    This is a glorious album. It's so rich.
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  11. Am I the only one who feels like the album's too... short? I always get a "that's it?" feeling after Ocean. Don't get me wrong, I love a short and cohesive album. Yet I feel like something's missing.
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  12. I feel that and just start it over again, tee bee aich.

    I like the single mix of Ride a White Horse. It just has more punch and groove to it, the album version feels a bit sedated in comparison. But the superior version is clearly the extended live one!
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  13. This is brilliant! Il desserto rosso is of my favorite films...I've always thought Broacast's ''Arc of A Journey'' would do the job just as well.
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  14. "We're looking at the Moon, it's the same face we all see" gets me every time. It's such a simple lyric, but her delivery and its poignancy during a period of time where everyone feels so divided... Man, Moon In Your Mouth is up there with my favorite 'Frapp tracks of all time.

    What a fantastic album.
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  15. Sadly, I agree with this review

    I do like the album and I can't wait until to listen on new headphones, since mine got broken, I still haven't had the chance.
    But I agree that Zodiac Black, which must be my favorite song in here, is where Goldfrapp go furthest with the album's sound.
    The rest is beautiful yes, but too streamlined, restrained, ''Beast That Never Was'' is almost a non-entity. One wishes they could've stuck less with making something so obediently 'beautiful' and 'organic' and let those same impulses run a little wilder.

    I guess I'll have to give it more time...
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  16. I hate music reviews.
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  17. I agree with the people saying Silver Eye feels a bit flaccid in places. There are very few surprises. Everything's very clean and orderly and exactly where it's supposed to be. Zodiac Black feels like the one real standout in that it's basically just a big, bassy wave of stygian energy.

    I still like the album a lot though. The songs grow on you. I wish it had been more ambitious but the quality is certainly there.
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  18. This album would totally benefit from being longer, I must say.
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  19. So my vinyl from Music Glue STILL hasn't arrived (I'm in the UK).

    A quick question for those that have it - does it come with a download card? I caved today and downloaded the Music Glue download - but it's only MP3, and is noticeably lower quality than the WAV format files they gave us Ocean in. I feel it's probably one of those albums that I need in as HQ as possible on my iPod to hear all the details. Thought I'd buy FLAC files from 7 Digital, but thought I'd check if the vinyl itself comes with them first?

    Loving what I'm hearing though! The vinyl better arrive tomorrow!
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