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Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. Gave my vinyl it's first spin last night. Really liking this album, and pleasantly surprised with how ambient / downtempo it is! Having only heard the opening 2 tracks before hand, I expected it all to be in that same Supernature type sound, but Anymore as a single feels like a real red herring to me.
  2. #1 on Official Vinyl Albums Chart this week!
  3. Wow, so weird to see Goldfrapp above Ed Sheeran!
  4. I know I'm getting repetitive with my endless stanning, but Become The One should've been the lead single.
  5. It's the best thing on the album.
  6. Become the One is my least favorite on the album as of now. *runs*
  7. "Zodiac Black" has taken over my life.
  8. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else but Goldfrapp are on the live edition of Jools Holland tonight, with the extended edition going out on Friday.

    Also, on the BBC website there's an archive clip of when Goldfrapp were on Jools Holland in 2003. This is when I first got a taste of Black Cherry and it really blew my socks off:
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  9. Still need to sit down more with the middle section. Still to my ears is, as someone cleverly put it here, a muddle of black glitter (or something). Very Goldfrapp and objectively nice but need to dissect it a bit. Slight Vulnicura teas in that there's a few clear standouts and a couple much more impenetrable ones the further in you go (and 9 tracks!).
  10. My clear vinyl finally arrived. I earlier trashed Music Glue in this thread, but now I realize that they act as a clearinghouse and not the actual distributor/shipper. Still, next time I will know what to expect.
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  11. Who ordered iconic dancer?
  12. Did Systemagic seem a bit... muted to anyone else? Also, they only got to do one song? I remember the days when Goldfrapp got to perform three songs on one ep of Jools.
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  13. Yaaaas at the male dancer. I think it would be more interesting to have them both wearing the exact same outfit, to really drive home the androgyny thing. Either make the dude wear a top too, or let the girl #freethenipple (sadly not doable for TV, I reckon)!

    There will be more on friday (14th).
  14. I love Silver Eye, but I'm still not wowed by it. Listening to the album with proper headphones has revealed a new side to it for me, though. The beat/bass on Systemagic and Zodiac Black goes off, and hats off as well to the intricately layered production throughout.
  15. Yes. The verses and choruses are divine, but then comes this confusing and totally uninteresting sung in tongues segment and I can tell if it's the actual chorus or something else, anyway it detracts from how perfect the song is until the first minute and a half.
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  16. I've played Zodiac Black 46 times over the last 10 days, so I'm giving it a slight intermission.

    Become the One is the dark horse for me,after revealing itself over time. I love how it's darkly ominous, yet really positive and celebratory
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  17. Yeah, her vocals especially sounded a bit drowned out. I'm hoping there is more than one performance on the extended episode.
  18. Yay! A YouTube user has uploaded the Jools Holland performance so that those of us outside of the U.K. can view the performance directly on YT!!
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  19. The album is a late night swim in sublime melodies, warm vocals and some of their best production ever. It frankly gives me Tales of Us with synths and I love it!
    Faux Suede Drifter hit me hard last week. And now it's Beast That Never Was.
    Other than those Ocean is still my fave song on Silver Eye and could be the song of the year but then you have Moon In Your Mouth (the most melancholy and beautiful track) and Become the One (how I love the 'voicething' happening during the song, throwing us back into Slide In.) Zodiac Black is good to listen to but I never can recall anything about it and it's not a bad thing, just gives me an excuse to listen to some more.
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