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Goldilox - ‘Very Best’ (CANDICE, THIS IS MY STAGE!)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, May 1, 2017.

  1. My new absolute favourite obsession. Dark brooding emotional megabops.

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  2. Hey @Lost Boy There is a Goldilox thread because I started one when the EP came out but I can't find it searching on here or via Google bizarrely. I had no idea she was Kay?
  3. I searched through here and Google and found nothing, but assumed you'd found her as the EP is divine.

    And yeah, her website reveals all:

  4. Wow that's cool. I managed to get the physical CD of the My Name Is Kay album. There's a track of hers which is not on the album nor EP which has the word 'space' in the title which I lost during a computer crash. Can't find it on the net anywhere now. Always loved M.A.J.O.R too.
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  5. I just love the complete sound change. It's a complete 180.

    i'm bopping
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  6. YES YES YES, so happy she's back.
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  7. BOPS.
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  8. Oh this is amazing!
  9. I'm not being funny but how are people still sleeping on her? Get your asses in here.

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  10. I remember her when she was My Name is Kay. It appears she's moved fully to Paris, but I think the music is still just as good.
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  11. The artwork as well.

  12. I heard Michael's Song on my Discover Weekly a few weeks ago and I was hooked. She's great.
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  13. Have you listened to the songs that followed?

    ‘Michael’s Song’
    ‘Touch You Where It Hurts’

    Is the start of a phenomenal album/EP. And she’s independent!
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  14. Heard all of them, yeah. Ketamine I'm not crazy about but the other two are excellent.
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  15. The new music has been incredible, I love ‘Touch You...’
  16. I just wish there was a video to match that single artwork/instagram post. What a song.
  17. Wait, how have I been sleeping on her... I actually didn’t realize she was Kay when the Skin EP came out.

    Skin was good but the new tracks are definitely next level. ‘Michael’s Song’ and ‘Touch You Where It Hurts’ are absolutely stunning, I fully stan her today. Didn’t realize ‘Michael’s Song’ had a video either; her styling and visuals are impeccable.
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