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Goldilox - ‘Very Best’ (CANDICE, THIS IS MY STAGE!)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, May 1, 2017.

  1. I’m in full stan mode too. Being independent seems to have made everything better for her. ‘Touch You...’ is phenomenal.
  2. Dddd she's made finding her old music impossible .
    The "Alive" & "Next To You" videos just seem to be gone.

    Decision is my favorite thing from this reiteration of her.
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  4. Visual queen.
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  5. Does anyone have the My Name is Kay album?

  6. New album next month!
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  8. Okay she played some new songs and described the album on an Instagram live stream, its disco inspired and it sounds AMAZING. New album is called 'Very Best'. One of the songs has this dark deep house beat which just KILLS ME. I need it.
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  9. Wow, she really beat the other girls to using a greatest hits inspired album title
  10. The album cover better keep the same artwork pattern as the singles.
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  11. The new single ‘I Love You’ is out tomorrow and is SUPER disco, but very her. Incredible
  12. I'm assuming everything since Michael's Song will be on the album?

    @Lost Boy
  13. Not sure at the moment... my instinct is telling me no with the art change, and her talking about this project being something different... but who knows! She played at least half a dozen songs on the live stream.

    Here's the artwork by the way:

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  14. The artwork is... not good.
  15. Dddd I love it. I'm imagining a video with the lights surrounding her spinning. It's the perfect aesthetic for the song.
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  16. WAIT at me being able to buy the song now. She’s a fucking goddess this is incredible.
  17. The "goldlilox" is a little bit basic and its placement is a choice, but I love everything else.
  18. The album is out on 7/31! Not a long wait at all. The single premiere is here.

    If they decide to cut everything released pre-single, there's still enough to make another album out of if you combine it with the Skin EP

    Video still
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  19. She's so very, very, very good.

    This might be one of her very best songs. I cannot wait for the album.
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