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Good Evening America, I'm Chloe Sevigny.

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Tommie, Feb 21, 2011.

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    The laugh in the bathtub, "horrored", "spook spot", melting after she said Caramel, "the gap." Amazing.
  4. She's more or less an archetype for the middle American pretentious white hipster. A person who's grown up inundated in a capitalist consumer culture, and as a result has accidentally been taught that her identity is in what she buys and who she associates herself with - that person who passively name drops Immanuel Kant over Twitter and makes a habit of showing everyone their super extra special collection of Eastern European indie films. Mind you, Chloe's really in no way like that in real life, but aspects of that lifestyle definitely poke through in what she says from time to time. What makes Chloe endearing is that her incessant snobbery and name dropping is so transparent that you almost can't help but root for her.
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  6. I LOVE these videos. I'm so glad there's a thread on here for them.

  7. "Giggle until I become energy" killed me.
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    "my somersault designer" was my favourite one.
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    Is this an Ariana Grande video teaser? No, it's another video from Chloe (soundtracked by Little Dragon):

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    Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
  11. !!! Seeing his name on Popjustice blows my mind.

    I miss Chloe.

    Let's rewatch her masterpiece, 'Toast'.
  12. "Luckily I was wearing my Pomplamoose feather protectant."
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    Silent bird pecking was my favourite bit.
  14. Now that I have your attenshahn, please change the Austin Mahone thread title to something less tacky and more fitting.

    I absolutely adore To-ast, the music in it is amazing too, I've never heard of Hi-Fashion/Hi Fashion before.
  15. This joke isn't funny anymore is it ?
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    It's not as funny as it used to be, but it's still better than 99% of YouTube.
  17. I want another "hairspray by Garnier HHHROOKTEES" moment.
  18. [video=youtube;j8d_oKZ4cjE][/video]

  19. I could listen to Chloe saying "Mary McLeod Bethune" on loop forever.
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