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Good Evening America, I'm Chloe Sevigny.

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Tommie, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

  2. With make-up applied by Kathy Kinney, I sported a salon style cover cape by Diane Von Furstenberg as it rained Office Depot brand styrofoam packing peanuts.

    Hope you all had a happy Hallowayan.
  3. This has become a running joke with myself and friends online.... each of us letting what has recently come to our attention.

    This was my 2 cents today ...

    ''Is has recently come to my attention that I love whynter ... whynter is the best time of year according to my alter ego Felicity. Wearing ironic idiotic mitten minders by mamaduke and caustiously choatic afircan hand made ear snugglers I paired my outfit with self aware shakespearen period head pieces and an invisible dress. I attended a snowflake convention sponsored by Marcia Cross, Kellogs and Winnipeg,America. I enjoyed preserved egg nog from yester year and self indulgent leaves served on oyster shells''
  4. I'm interviewing 'Chloe' tonight, soooooo excited! any questions?!!!!
  5. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest


    How many more videos are we going to get?

    What are the essential gifts this hol-ee-dee?

    Has she ever met Tilda?

    Will she ever re-friend Joan London?
  6. SpaceDog

    SpaceDog Guest

    The eternal question: Harmony Korine or Vincent Gallo?
  7. That Simply Plimpton is pretty funny, 'it was Alyssa Milano's, who's the boss now'
  8. Say no to Harmonie Korine.

    A friend and I had a fantastic Chloe-off yesterday. Here are some highlights:

    "I recently purchased a driftwood Madonna by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, after I demanded his name from Moon Unit Zappa."

    "A thrice-weekly festival of vintage tea kettles with Anna Wintour, Wynter Gordon, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt."

    "Traumatized branzino with a cumbersome cucumber consomme."

    "It was a half-heartbroken Federalist sandwich house. There, I dined upon charming duck beaks with a boisenberry reduction, calf liver dust, and soil tartare.
    I dined with Poppy Z. Brite, Poppy Sebag Montefiore, and Poppy Olivia Beatrice Wigstead."

    "I recently attended a NASA auction, sponsored by Dick Cheney, Kellogg's Frosted Moon Flakes, and science."
  9. "Sarcastic spending sprees in broad daylight."

    That would be my first attempt.
  10. Well the quality's gone downhill.

    That's like a parody of the parody.
  11. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Oh dear. You can tell the normal guy didn't direct that one. And yes, it's like a badly constructed tribute.
  12. Even Chloe has her 'Bionic' moments.
  13. Was delayed abroad so just got the time to interview Drew/Chloe ... asked him all your questions too. Lovely lovely guy ... interview will be up soon!
  14. SpaceDog

    SpaceDog Guest

    Great interview, he seems so cool.

    ''No'' made my night.
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    You asked my Joan London question! I love you.
  16. Awh no problem!!

    And yes hes lovely! Spoke to him last night and I really want to try get him to perform at one of the gay clubs I do show at ... it would be amazing! He sent me a message this morning to say he had fun and that 'Chloe was mildly amused' ha brilliant!
  17. Great interview tatufan!
    I must confess I read second part of it in Chloe's voice. "Happy anniversary, Year" - amazing.
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