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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Inland Empire, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Any other fans of this show? I finished the first season of this show a few days ago and I loved it all so much. Consistently well-written, engaging and funny, and I really recommend it.
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  2. I watched the whole thing over two evenings, I loved it. I avoided it for ages as I thought the trailer made it seem really predictable, but every time I thought they were gonna go one way, they went the other!
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  3. pdf


    if you forget about the total implausibility of whole thing, then yeah it's pretty enjoyable. i am always ready for some christina hendricks.
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  4. Hilarious show, gave it a watch and was surprised at how gripping/insanely funny it was. Super excited for Season 2!
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  5. Yes, it was so good. And my new crush is Manny Montana. Actual stirrings every time he was on screen.

    They were all so likeable, despite the scenario they all felt like real people too.

    Beth and Rio better get it together next season.
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  6. LOVE this show! Ended up being such a pleasant surprise. Despite how implausible everything is, the beautiful chemistry between the three ladies keeps the entire thing grounded & immensely watchable. Did not expect a second season, but I'm so happy we're getting one.
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  7. I added this to my list thinking it was a movie and I was pleasantly surprised it was a series! Love all the female leads, like you've all said it's not realistic but I really don't care. Great show to binge and so glad there's going to be a second season too. Also Mandy Montana is so gorgeous I can't cope.
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  8. Just on episode 3 now. I'm liking it.
  9. The Ocean's 8 of TV. The leading ladies are amazing, but the material is beneath their talents.
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  10. It's all about those huge breasts.
  11. Season 2 on Netflix!
  12. I was got so excited when I saw it on the Recently Added list! Currently binging on season 2, I'm 3 episodes in, I guess one more episode before bed won't do me no harm!
  13. It's too easy to binge. I'm trying to limit it to two episodes a day.
  14. You're absolutely right. I haven't enjoyed any series for a while so this is a perfect thing to watch for the evening
  15. Just finished Season 2 on Netflix.

    Such a great show. Three amazing leads, great supporting characters, good humor. Nice little ending on that season as well.
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  16. Love all these ladies. Amazing casting.
  17. It started off a little slow, but really got into the swing of things and by the last few episodes it was fantastic. Such a great trio of leading actresses. The finale got me gagged though oop
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  18. Yep, I watched the finale today and I gasped out loud. Also, I'm very sad about it.
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  19. The soundtrack remains liT
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  20. This season thus far is so good! Didn’t expect it to be even better than the first one. Can’t stop watching.

    Love Retta.
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