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Good Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Inland Empire, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Ugh...devastating. I've really enjoyed Season 4 thus far, but I suppose I'm also glad it's ending before it starts wearing out its welcome. I just hope the finale actually has some semblance of conclusion because they have been known for cliffhangers in the past, and they clearly finished shooting before receiving the news.

    In all honesty, though, this was the last thing worth watching on network television, so officially RIP that entire medium.
  2. Too bad that Netflix didn't pick it up. Hopefully the S4 finale will give us some closure.
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  3. I'm surprised they didn't shop it elsewhere. It seems like it would have a great home on Netflix.
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  4. It's time though, right? How much longer could that storyline keep going for *I've not seen season 4 yet.
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  5. I’ve only seen 3 seasons but yeah, the plot was getting stretched pretty thin by season 3. As others have said hopefully the season 4 finale provides some sort of closure for the series. I hope the 3 leads all wind up in other shows that I’m interested in because they’re all a joy to watch.
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  6. Netflix passed on producing a fifth and final season reportedly.
  7. MB


    Just finished the season finale.
    Slightly annoyed that it wasn't all wrapped up. I mean most of it was I guess but why was Annie locked up?
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  8. I had to Google this myself. Apparently it all comes back to an episode prior where Annie & the guy with tattoos were in the car talking about how Beth was a good mom and her prints shouldn't be on the gun that killed Lucy. Annie's prints were on the gun now, and it's the same gun the guy used to shoot Beth.
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  9. I enjoyed the finale - as well as the final season overall - but it’s a shame they couldn’t get a few more episodes to wrap every storyline up. Or be given enough notice to really make the final season feel like the final season. It has truly been network television’s best hour-long show for quite some time, featuring one of the TV’s most winning ensembles, and it deserved better than its cancellation treatment.

    It’s more of a shame because, as you point out, most everything actually did get some sort of closure outside of the Annie stuff. Which like @MC54 I also had to look up after. From what I’ve read, they purposefully didn’t include that part in the ‘previously on’ because they felt like it would give away the arrest at the end. But yes, it’s a nod back to the scene towards the start of the season where Annie says she’d rather go down in place of her sister if it came down to it, which is touching & heartbreaking. In my mind, Beth has now gained enough power to eventually get Annie out - or at least help her get a reduced sentence - which gives me some peace of mind.

    I’m just glad the dream sequence was just that because the moment they went back to robbing the grocery store, I was annoyed thinking the show was essentially ending by just starting all the way over again.
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  10. I finally caught up. It was an enjoyable season overall but really disappointing that we won't get real closure on everything and a more satisfying ending.

    I found this online, which I thought was interesting:

    Good Girls season 4 was reportedly canceled because of the declining revenue that the show was bringing in. Season 5 was all set and ready to go, but the money just wasn’t right, and it couldn’t happen. Compared to its initial run, Good Girls Season 4 was bringing in a lot less viewership and paled in comparison to other shows on the networking that were bringing in much more.
    Consequently, revenue declined, and the producers just couldn’t keep running the show with lesser money. The actors were still getting paid the same, and so was the crew. And it made it unsustainable. In a bid to keep the show alive, the showrunners approached the cast and the crew and asked them all to take pay cuts, to which most of them agreed, except Manny Montana, who refused to have his salary reduced. With Montana unwilling to take a pay cut, the funding for the show just wasn’t enough, and it had to be canceled.
  11. It would be so good to get the full closure with at least mini-season 5 being done, but it is what is and we have to accept it. I enjoyed that last season very much and I think it was a return to form after stretched season 3, as I watched all those episodes without blinking.
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