Gospel/Christian Music

There's a few 60s/70s Gospel tunes I like to listen to on youtube now and then, I keep meaning to dip a toe in and buy a few bits. The only thing I have bought is the oddball Motown Christian outing by Caston and Majors, it's like a mixture of Gospel, Orchestrated 70s Soul and Broadway show, but without being at all tacky...in fact it's absolutely wonderful.

Here's one of my faves from it..

Motown could have had their own (far better) Gospel/Soul version of Jesus Christ Superstar with this lp but apparently Mr Gordy didn't like it much, so it never got the promotion it needed. Glad it didn't get turned into a cash cow tbh. Caston and Majors got married and are still together helping set up bands in local mega churches, so it worked out for the best.
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Just listened to Hillsong Young & Free's "Youth Revival" - I didn't know there were people producing Christian dancefloor bangers, but there are! Cheers for the tip aaronhansome!
Sam Cooke - if you the bigger, multi-CD compilations of his stuff, you get his versions of many gospel classics together with his classic "Hem of his garment"
Thanks Unna! I've never heard much Sam Cooke, I shall give him a whirl. I'm looking for a good Mahalia Jackson album or comp at the moment too if anyone's got any recs...

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I'm not overly intro religious music but I love this little number.

I see your "I'm not alone" and raise you

Truly beautiful, and bears singing live by amateurs, whether by a soloist or as a massive singalong.