Gossip Girl

Is anyone watching Season 2 on ITV2 at the moment? It's still very good but I don't think it's anywhere near the same quality of season 1.
I love how cold it is! And Serena always brings the sentimental. The sap. I've yet to see season 2 myself. Sad face.
Perhaps a whole section should be created for television, including pop television, instead of us always clogging the General Off Topic space? Just a suggestion.
I'm up to speed with the Americans. Series two isn't great at the beginning but it improves a lot through the whole series and is great again now. At one point Blair turns in to Hermione Granger but she's not like that at all any more. I LOVE CHUCK.
Series 2 - Serena becomes a stone-cold hearted bitch, Dan starts to get a life, Blair and Chuck become the bruised and emotionally hurt ones and start displaying their human sides. Oh, and little Jenny skips school to work in the fashion industry. Nate is still a waste of screen time.

I'm actually enjoying season 2, I love it when Blair gets insecure and needy. I also have to say I admire the Chuck Bass-tard.
I do think we should have a TV section, Gossip Girl deserves it's own thread though. It's so OTT and that's what makes it brilliant. Plus so far this season they have used both Paparazzi and Poker Face by GaGa quite prominently.

Nate has been a waste of space so far but the character simply isn't as interesting as the others, Blair and Chuck have their slightly evil ways, Dan is just the guy who doesn't fit in with it all, Jenny is the girl devoted to fashion and Serena seems mixed up with who she is...but what's Nate?!

I hope season 2 does pick up because when this show is good it's very good, far surpassed the O.C or any other teen type dramas in my eyes.
There was a thread on Gossip Girl previously. To be honest, I don't think we need to split up into a seperate TV section. If anything needs it is own section, it's the OTT and pointless "Let's get married!"-esque threads which don't really serve any purpose at all...

ANYWAYS, Gossip Girl - I have mixed feelings. I have gone off it a bit as I find they don't have enough secondary characters and I find myself getting bored of the same old, same old from some of them.

The Serena thing at the beginning of the season was weird. She suddenly turned into a bitch, but then it got dropped about 2 or 3 episodes later with a bit of a wishy-washy explanation.
Love Gossip Girl. But without a doubt S1 is so much better. This season started off decent but it keeps going from good to annoying, with some storylines needing to be done with and moved on from. Even Blair's character has suffered, which I feel was always the strong point of the show. Hopefully it picks up with the remaining episodes.


unnameable said:
Where is this season's equivalent of Georgina Sparks?

I love Georgina Sparks! I was a casual fan until she was on the show then I was watching it every week. Now I am kind of bored of the show.

I heard Georgina is coming back so I hope she hasn't changed!
Oh the show that inspired my name.

I thought season one was brilliant. The heroes and heroines and the villains like Georgina Sparks were all amazing. Season two, however, has been incredibly disappointing. I really liked the start when it was about the duchess and Lord Marcus but after that it just became boring really. The new storyline with the teacher having sex with Dan, the whole Blair and Yale thing, Chucks coked out rapey uncle, everything just feels so run of the mill and uninspired. I find myself watching the show just to understand the recaps better (the nymag one is quite hilarious, the twop one is insightful).
Have new episodes been on for the past few weeks? Someone I know said they haven't been, and I wouldn't know because I keep forgetting about it and feel like I'm behind as it is.
It would drive me mad not knowing when an episode is on in the U.S, why do they do that?! How do people ever keep up?! We don't really have that in the U.K we (usually) just get a straight run through however they did mess Desperate Housewives up and we've had to watch season 4 and 5 in two seperate chunks.

25 episodes for season two then - that's a lot by any shows standards. I'm looking forward to the return of Georgie she deffinitely made the end of season one unmissable.
From what I gather (US citizens please feel free to put me right if I'm wrong), American shows are aired closer to when they are originally filmed AND aired according to when will get them the highest audiences and thus biggest ad revenues. And public holidays can intefere with scheduling quite a lot too. Most shows start in September and air their season finale in May, with filming usually wrapping near the end of March/beginning of April (and restarting again usually in July or thereabouts).
Straight run? I think that would be hard for me since theres always a few weeks where Im unable to watch something at a certain time. But I guess were accustomed to our television schedules, not the other way around.

Im not sure about filming but yeah usually actors talk about going back to work somewhere in the middle of the summer to have the new episodes airing by the fall. Sep/Oct are the premiere months with November being the most important month of the first half of the season. Its called "November sweeps" and their all new episodes. Breaks Dec/Jan for holidays. With new episodes airing off and on through Feb and March. May is also the other sweep month and is yeah a big deal with season finale, and episodes through Apr/May will be new.

Its not so hard keeping up, usually at the end of an episode they tell you when the next new episode will be. For the last like month its been "new episodes of Gossip Girl start March 16". See I even know that without having to look it up, haha.
It is fair to say that it is probably difficult for people like myself in the UK who watch shows at US pace which have the credits and next episode promo cut off from the version they've 'acquired'.

But I've got so used to typing "List of XYZ episodes" into Wikipedia these days, or looking up the promo for my favourite shows.