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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Oh I quite like Dorota, I like it wen background characters get involved - but not too much, we're only at episode 8 so far in the U.K and I have noticed her getting more lines but it's not like she has a storyline or anything.

    I can't believe they are releasing the first half of the season on DVD in a couple of weeks, I love it but didn't realise there was enough demand from other people to just release the first 12 episodes.
  2. I think they are to encourage impulse buys and promote the show as it airs. It's a bit of a false economy as the full seasons usually work out cheaper to buy anyway.
  3. The only reason to by a half season would be to edit down the sequences of Blair being particularly scorchingly hot in her dance of desire with Chuck.

    Honestly, those two are the best characters in this season.

    The one they just showed last week in the UK had Willa Holland (yes, the beyotch who was Kaitlin Cooper) as a model, as little J gets a Kaley-Cuoco haircut and fights with her boss.

    I'm still liking the series, it's just not quite as good as season 1 and doesn't have the genius of a Georgina Sparks yet. I've also noticed the episodes on ITV iPlayer are only 40 mins plus adverts - the episodes are really short, even by US TV standards!
  4. Desperate Housewives, Lost, Ugly Betty and The O.C all come in between 40 and 44 minutes - i'm used to that length now. I was shocked when I was watching last week because I kept thinking I swear that's Kaitlin Cooper but the voice kept throwing me. I enjoyed this weeks episode, I thought it was much better actually - plus there was shirtless Nate always a good thing - there hasn't been enough of that this season.
  5. I mean Buffy & Angel were all 42 and a half minutes as that was Fox TV's standard. Most US "hour long" shows are 42 to 44 minutes, but gossip girl is actually clocking in at just under 40, which is pushing it even further.

    I gotta say the episode where little J gets the new hair and ends up dancing with Kaitlin Cooper Willa Holland's character in her bra and gets rescues by Nate was quite cool. Nate has *finally* stopped being boring.
  6. Most shows are shortening to around the 42 minutes mark Stateside, the more ads they can fit in the better. I do think they pare down GG a bit just purely because its meant to be hyped up attention defecit TV that doesn't linger too long on any one point.
  7. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Does anyone know the name of the song which was played in the end of episode 17, when that new teacher has sex with a certain male student? It sounded a bit like something from Bloc Party's latest album, except it definitely wasn't Kele Orekele singing...
  8. For anyone who isn't caught up with the current US pace, don't read this unless you want to have plot points spoiled:


    I'm very happy to see Blair and Nate back together. I just think she seems so much happier with him. The kiss in the duck park was just adorable. That's about it actually. It just sucks that another new episode won't be on until April 20.
  9. I couldn't not read that and I'm shocked!! Can't wait to get to that point, I think it's actually getting more into it's stride again on UK pace at the minute. Is Kaitlin from the O.C a permanent character or is she just in a few episode run?
  10. I had to look up who you meant since I never watched The OC, but she's actually only in a few episodes (3 according to IMDB actually). She sort of just comes, drama happens, then she leaves haha.
  11. Oh sorry I couldn't remember what her character name was in Gossip Girl, I think she's been in three episodes here so far so it's bye bye to her now then - I liked her and thought the show was better because of her.
  12. She was like the new Georgina. Came in, caused some drama, buggered off and left destruction in her wake. Loved her.

    But I hear Georgie's coming back in season 2 so yay!
  13. Hilary Duff is going to be in season 3 as Vanessa's roomate, I imagine it will be like a Lindsay Lohan sort of guest role just for a few episodes. Should be interesting.

    Last nights Gossip Girl was very good with the return of Georgina, the show has really got back into it's stride now as it heads towards the end of the season I just hope season 3 is as good.
  14. I love Georgina. So happy she's back. And I love Michelle Trachtenberg so I'm doubly happy.
  15. I loved it at the end when she asks to be Blair's roommate, the drama and the music fitted so well :-D.

    AND SERENA'S FATHER! I'm so glad that's gonna be explored, it's the only major that's never been explored at all.
  16. Catching up online (ITV.com is slightly jerky with the catch-up episodes but the picture quality is perfect), just watched episode 22 of season 2 - how I love Georgina Sparks the Jesus freak! I'm hoping that the next episode sees her return to form, but frankly I'm just overjoyed to see Trachtenberg back in the show.
  17. Not sure which episode number we are up to now however Georgina is now back to her old ways so I'm assuming it's episode 23 which was in my opinion the best episode of Gossip Girl I've ever seen. Everything seemed to click back into place and it became the most compelling show once again. Georgina is brilliant to have part time, I think if she was in every episode it would ruin her appeal. I think Vanessa has served her purpose now and can't really see what's left for her to do, time for her to leave I think.

    Plus I love Nate and Blair together now, in season one it was the worst match ever but now it's just so interesting and it kinda works.
  18. I would like to express my distaste at their Prom Night, (which I could have happily watched a whole episode of-their preparation and excitement,Serena and Blair getting ready together,that sort of thing,followed by PROM PROM PROM with more lovely moments like when we realised Chuck had fixed Blair's prom so it was perfect for her) which was actually quite a big event in their school lives,being shoved to the side for some extremely boring flashbacks of Lily's quite literally colourful past,which there were too many of for just one episode. This was especially annoying because I don't like Lily,Young Lily was even more annoying than Old Lily, and I'm not keen on her mother either,plus I thought the flashbacks were really badly acted so it was a complete no-win for me.

    I get that it was supposed to show how Lily was turning into her own mother and being a bit of a hypocrite over the way she's now trying to control Serena after resenting her own mother for not letting her live her own life,plus Lily being just as bad as Serena anyway,but I couldn't bring myself to actually care.

    I would like to add though that I love the show very much ordinarily and am sad that the second series finishes next week!
  19. I thought that they didn't do the prom justice but I loved when Chuck fixed the votes I just wish that they hadn't split Nate and Blair up so quickly, that storyline had so much more mileage in it. I think sometimes the writers get bored and just end one storyline to start another.

    Seriously what is the point of the Vanessa character now? She needs to go.

    I liked the Lily pilot, I would have preferred them to do it as a standalone episode though so we would have seen more. There was loads to work with there and it really reminded me of the O.C even the club they went to was very similar to the Bate shop. I would love to see it get picked up mid-season but I don't know how likely it is now.

    I can't wait for the finale next week, I missed Georgina in last nights episode so it'll be interesting to see what she does in the finale.
  20. I absolutely adore this show.
    I can relate the compications and character personalities to my friends, schoolmates and my life.

    I really hope that Chuck Bass turns gay/bisexual like in the book.
    I want Scott (Lily & Rufus' son) to return, hottest boy on television.
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