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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Season 3 is proving to be a total hit and miss so far.

    The Thanksgiving episode was a low point in the show's history so far. I could rant on and on about how shoddy it was, but anyone who's seen it must realise what I mean. The only redeeming factor was Dorota's sub-story.
  2. I haven't gotten to the Thanksgiving episode yet...just on the three some one here in the U.K. So far i'm finding this season to be significantly stronger than the 2nd however I do wish that they would make some stories last longer and stop forcing Serena to be the lead character because she is probably the least interesting - i'm even warming to Vanessa finally.

    I think this year it just seems better, the episodes are individually strong however I do wish it had more of a 'season' feel to it and I think that both Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester are being underused this season however to be fair both of them have other projects going on at the moment so it must be tough.

    When does it go on hiatus in the US? I'm assuming that in the UK we will finish at whatever episode we're at for Christmas and then come back at the end of March for the 2nd batch of episodes. I'm quite surprised that Season 3 Part 1 isn't listed anywhere yet actually.
  3. Not really.
    I believe it's juicing up the show already.
    Serena leaving with Tripp.
    Lily & Her Secrets.
  4. Not really. This is all stuff which has done before.

    Serena making a questionable decision regarding choice of man?
    Lily has a dark secret she doesn't want to get out?
    OK, I'll give you Dorota. She is actually my favourite character.

    I know Gossip Girl and many TV shows like it are somewhat divorced from realism as it is, but the episode was just bizarrely written. I usually love the show but the contriviances in the plots were just inexcusable this time round!

    I'm not huge on reading reviews of TV shows, but this blog link a friend sent me it pretty much sums up the ridiculousness of it: http://videogum.com/archives/recaps/gossip_girl_s03e11_really_a_th_103211.html (I'm far too lazy to give my own summary of what I thought was wrong, and that hits most of the points)
  5. I came onto this thread to bash what was once my favourite show after i first saw it and the fabulous Greek during my erasmus year in Boston and saw the above poster beat me to it.

    This show had EXACTLY the same result as the OC. It has a great season 1 before it ruins its characters, gets ridiculous and is only ever saved by Michel Trachtenburg, Kirsten Bell, Dorota or Hilary Duff (in the OC's case it was just ruined with no saviour). Oh and Leighton Meester and Chuck are two exceptional talents (something that the OC never had) and I hope they move on to greener pastures.

    The first sign that this show would turn out crap was in season 1 when Serena said to Vanessa "I'll kick your ass in Guitar Hero GUFFAW". I knew it would be some time before character's became unrealistic [like One Tree Hill's cheerleader-married-validictorian-pregnant-tutor-famous singer] caricatures of their former selves [like the Simpsons]. And I knew the writing would become repetitive, poor and full of stupid pop culture references [watch South Park or Greek to see it done well].

    I suggest getting out of Gossip Girl now and into the ten times better Greek.

    I can predict next episode:
    - Someone screws someone over.
    - Witty retort.
    - Someone screws someone over.
    - Witty retort.
    - Someone screws someone over.
    - Vanessa and Dan do something self righteous and smug.
    - Kiss and make up now or in 3 episodes time.
  6. 'The Last Days of Disco Stick' was pretty good, though GaGa's appearance was a bit of a letdown. However, seeing Hilary Duff singing an acapella rendition of LoveGame was an unexpected treat, and I can honestly say I would totally go see that play Dan wrote, haha!

    I hope Georgina returns at some point. I'm having Trachtenberg-related withdrawl symptoms...
  7. I loved Dan's play. They should put a full-length version on the DVD special features. I actually really liked this episode,apart from Jenny's drugs thing and Nate getting depressed about Serena again.
  8. I am in love with Chuck.
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    How amazing, last year 90210 was trying to be GG and failed, then this year it reversed until now, where both shows are great. Naomi is a goddess.
  10. I haven't watch 90210 lately, but the last episode we got here was the night of that play that Brenda was directing. Does Shannen come back into the show after?
  11. Is 90210 really that good this season?
    I gave up trying to watch after the fourth episode or so but guess I'll give it another go when it starts up on E4 again. Naomi is definitely the best thing about it, that and the teacher.....
    Gossip Girl is a bit meh this season, Blair isn't used enough and Dan and Vanessa is as boring as well any other storyline Vanessa-related.
  12. 90210 has actually been great this year. The only thing I hate about is the revamped theme tune; the one used in season 1 was much better.

    Gossip Girl is a bit shaky. I'm still not 100% convinced the show works with them all being in college.
  13. I think it's handled the whole college thing pretty well to be honest, better than The OC / Buffy etc anyway. Just needs more Georgina.
  14. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    90210 is even better than the 90s series now! Naomi.
  15. I prefer Silver, Naomi is amazing too.
  16. As a rule, I hate Gossip Girl. But I've only seen one episode, and wasn't paying much attention as I was taking part in a drinking game that simply meant I had to drink every time I heard the name "Serena". I got very pissed.

    But I loved The OC... it was a fundamental part of being a teenager for me. So maybe I'm just being an arse about GG; I think some of it is to do with the name of the show.

    Someone convince me I'm wrong.
  17. Well, I could never get into "The O.C" but I love "Gossip Girl." It's a nice mix of trashy and classy, it has a great, glossy look, a very attractive cast, reasonable-to-good acting (with the exception of Chace Crawford, who's performances can give you splinters) and I personally think it has a sort of 'sophistication' that most other teen shows lack. The writing is generally quite good and there's an abundance of witty one liners and bitchy remarks.

    Also, the books upon which the TV show is based are also very good, albeit a bit more grown up and well, trashy. But in a good way.
  18. Okay, I just watched the pilot episode. I like it. I may buy the box set tomorrow and have a marathon sesh. I need something to keep me occupied until either The Wire or True Blood are a bit cheaper!
  19. Good good! I will tell you that I now find season 1 a little boring after seasons 2 and (half of) 3, so in my opinion the best is yet to come for you.
  20. Why did this not screen on Monday?
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